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Top 5 YouTube channels with the most views in Korea: BLACKPINK is only 3rd, but BTS is the most surprising name!

Despite being the YouTube channel with the highest number of subscribers in Korea, BLACKPINK only ranks 3rd in terms of total views and even BTS is not in the top 5

The land of Kimchi – Korea owns YouTube channels with a huge number of views. Typically, the channel of Kpop companies and groups. In particular, the YouTube channel of the group BLACKPINK owns the largest number of subscribers with more than 63.6 million but only ranks 3rd.

1. SMTOWN (21.7 billion views)
Topping the list is SMTOWN with over 21.7 billion views. This is also the oldest YouTube channel of a K-pop company, joining since 2006.

Owning a number of videos of popular groups such as EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, SNSD, Aespa … so it is not surprising that this YouTube channel has the largest number of views in Korea. The channel currently has 3,721 videos and 28.4 million subscribers.

2. 1theK (20.4 billion views)
In second place is YouTube channel 1theK, formerly LOEN TV. “K-pop Wonderland” features music videos by top Korean artists. The official YouTube account 1theK was launched on January 30, 2011 with videos with huge views from BTS, Momoland, IU… which helped the channel get more than 20 billion views. The channel currently has 14,885 videos and 23.2 million subscribers.

3. BLACKPINK (18.7 billion views)
BLACKPINK is currently the YouTube channel with the highest number of subscribers in Korea with 63.6 million. According to the latest YouTube data, BLACKPINK’s channel has 368 videos with 18.7 billion views, surpassing the world-famous group Maroon 5.

This is a huge number beyond imagination compared to a group that has been active for nearly 5 years like BLACKPINK. With this great achievement, the 4 YG girls have become the group that owns the YouTube channel with the most views in the world, but only ranks 3rd in Korea.

4. HYBE LABELS (18.4 billion views)
BTS is today the top Kpop group, a global superstar, but the starting point of the group is Big Hit Entertainment – a small company in the Korean entertainment industry. Thanks to the miracle of BTS, now Big Hit has grown from a company with a huge debt to a large corporation, investing in many areas, acquiring a series of subsidiaries.

Even recently, this powerful entertainment group has changed its name to HYBE Labels, with the ambition to “conquer the world” when it has cooperated with “big man” Ithaca Holdings – a corporation in entertainment, technology .. manage a series of world-famous stars such as: Ariana Grande, David Guetta, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Black Eyed Peas,…

The channel currently has 60 million subscribers, earning a total of 18.4 billion views – lower than SM Entertainment.

5. DONA (14.7 billion views)
DONA is the most successful mukbang YouTuber in kimchi with a huge amount of views and income. Starting to appear popular in this country since 2010, mukbang simply means eating while recording, while ASMR is a branch of content when eaters try to convey vivid sounds when biting, chewing, swallow…

Established in April 2018, she has had more than 14.7 billion views so far. Each of her products usually only lasts for 2-3 minutes, but the views are always counted from millions or more.

Browsing through DONA’s channel, many Vietnamese viewers have to comment that this is “Korea version of Ms. Tho Nguyen”. Dona’s way of producing content is also a controversial topic throughout the domestic and international online community. Her “excessive” reaction and “weird” expression made many people uncomfortable, easily affecting the perception of children – the main audience of DONA channel.

Currently, BTS’ YouTube channel BANGTANTV has 55.6 million subscribers. The channel was founded in 2012 with a total of 11.8 billion views but did not reach the top 5, causing a stir among netizens. With 11.8 billion views, BTS’ YouTube channel is only ranked 9th in Korea.’

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