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Caught in the act by BTS singing Lovesick Girls (BLACKPINK), fans are arguing loudly because they don’t know whose voice it is

The voice that makes people doubt whether Lovesick Girls is the song of which BTS member is this?

The fandom of BTS and BLACKPINK is inherently ” unrequited ” with endless battles to protect idols. However, there are always lovely moments of direct or indirect interaction between BTS and BLACKPINK members. Most recently, a behind-the-scenes video of BTS caused a fever when a member’s voice sang the tune of the song ” Lovesick Girls” by BLACKPINK.


A BTS member sang BLACKPINK’s Lovesick Girls

In the clip, Jimin is the one holding the camera. Jungkook and V walking behind also entered the frame. In the opening paragraph, Jungkook spontaneously sang ” Boy With Luv” of the group on the way to work. Right after that, a “mysterious” voice sang the line: “We are the lovesick girls” from the song Lovesick Girls by BLACKPINK. Called a mystery because a controversy broke out about the voice that actually sang the line in BLACKPINK’s song.

Not Jimin, the 2 objects that are questioned by fans are Jungkook and V

Netizens debate who sings Lovesick Girls :

– I’m sure V sang.

– I can hear V’s voice.

– V’s voice is lower.

– V is busy on the phone, not the one who sings.

– In terms of volume, Jungkook is the most suitable. Jungkook is near the camera.

– This voice is more like Jungkook’s than V’s.

– Jungkook is singing another song, it sounds more like V singing Lovesick Girls.

-No matter who sings, I personally find it cute? Just because fandom hates each other doesn’t mean idols hate each other.

– Fandoms don’t like each other and idols sing each other’s songs.

Whoever sings Lovesick Girls , this exciting moment once again proves the good working relationship between BTS and BLACKPINK, supporting each other’s products through the smallest actions.



MV Lovesick Girls – BLACKPINK

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