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The intimate relationship between the parents of the BLACKPINK family

Fans feel warm at the times when the BLACKPINK family gets together. They had fun moments at the cozy reunion party.

As a collection of 4 talented and beautiful female idols, BLACKPINK is currently ” storming ” in the Kpop entertainment industry . Over a long period of activities, the girls have always had a deep bond with each other. Besides, the parents are also close, love the 4 girls and see each other as family members.

BLACKPINK are girls with great parents.

BLACKPINK members’ families attend Jisoo’s brother’s wedding

On May 17, 2020, after finishing the tour in North America, the BLACKPINK members suddenly appeared at the wedding of Jisoo’s brother. The girls dressed in simple and polite clothes and happily took pictures with Jisoo’s family . This is one of the rare times fans see the girls sitting together in a cozy family party.

BLACKPINK took a photo with the bride at Jisoo’s wedding. (Photo: Twitter)

After that, people were even more excited because they saw that in the photos posted by Jisoo’s relatives, there were the parents of the remaining 3 members. The first photo shows Jisoo’s biological sister holding a baby and behind her is Lisa’s mother from Thailand sitting at the table with Rosé’s father. Next, the image of Jennie sitting next to her mother and Rosé also appeared.


Jisoo’s sister is in the same frame with Rosé’s father and Lisa’s mother. (Photo: Twitter)

The fact that Lisa’s mother came to Korea from Thailand to attend the wedding shows that she loves Jisoo and the female idol’s family. Rosé’s father and Jennie’s mother also took a special time to celebrate. Fans think that the family members must be very close to each other to be able to gather so much.

Jennie’s mother also attended the wedding ceremony of Jisoo’s brother. (Photo: Twitter)

Lisa’s parents’ love for BLACKPINK

In the show BLACKPINK House episode 4 , the members had the opportunity to visit Thailand. They were surprised to see Lisa’s parents again. As soon as they saw each other, the Thai girl hugged her mother. Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé also kept calling: “Mom, mom, long time no see!” . Lisa’s mother heard, immediately came to hug and greet the BLACKPINK daughters.

They had a passionate conversation and couldn’t hold back their loving tears for each other.​ The dear moments of the girls and Lisa’s parents made the audience feel as well.

Jennie burst into tears as soon as she saw Lisa’s mother. (Screenshots)

Lisa’s mother gives warm hugs to the girls. (Screenshots)

Here, BLACKPINK also enjoys food cooked by Lisa’s parents. They are very excited to see the dishes that are both delicious and beautiful, meticulously arranged, filled with affection from the skills of the famous Swiss chef, the stepfather of the main dancer of BLACKPINK. The girls were extremely touched by Lisa’s parents’ love for them and constantly expressed their gratitude to them.


Lisa’s parents had an intimate meal with their daughters. (Screenshots)

During the time since BLACKPINK’s debut, Lisa’s parents have always watched and supported enthusiastically. Many times, the members revealed on Vlive about intimate conversations with Lisa’s mother. During the concert held in Bangkok Thailand, Lisa’s parents also attended and cheered for their daughters.

Fans posted photos taken with Lisa’s parents at the concert. (Photo: Twitter)

Before many rumors about Lisa being bullied and mistreated by BLACKPINK members, with loving actions, Lisa’s parents implicitly resisted the malicious prejudices of netizens. In particular, her mother also used Jennie and Lisa’s banner to cheer for BLACKPINK, even though this is a member who was rumored to bully her daughter.

Lisa’s mother holds a banner with pictures of Jennie and Lisa to cheer for BLACKPINK. (Photo: Twitter)

The relationship between the parents of the BLACKPINK family is so close that people can’t help but admire. Despite their busy schedules, they still spend time together. They see BLACKPINK as their own children and consider each other as family.


Recently, Jennie posted photos taken with female singer Grimes. It is known that she is the wife of famous billionaire Elon Musk.

Rosé was once seen having dinner with young singer Olivia Rodrigo. They did not publicly post photos taken together, making people even more suspicious if there will be an upcoming collaboration.

In 2019, after the Coachella stage ended, people were in a panic because singer Ariana Grande herself shared a photo taken with BLACKPINK on her personal page.

Next, intimate photos with Billie Eilish were also revealed. Fans are glad that the BLACKPINK girls had the opportunity to meet famous international artists.

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