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The indispensable items in Jennie’s bag (BLACKPINK)

12 essential items that Jennie can't live without will surely surprise many people. There are items that any girl always carries with her.

On January 16, right on her birthday, Jennie (BLACKPINK) suddenly set up a YouTube channel called Jennierubyjane Official and reached 1 million followers in just 6 hours. In a video, Jennie shared about 12 daily essentials that she cannot do without when going out. There are small items, but they help the Korean IT Girl to always be neat when appearing in public.

Jennie is lovely through videos on her YouTube channel. (Screenshots)

1. Hair ties

The first item Jennie always carries with her is a hair band. This is the item that almost every girl needs. Although letting your hair down will make your appearance more shimmering, sometimes it will also interfere with the process of living, such as when eating or drinking or the weather is too hot. Looking at the newly bought but slightly worn hair band, you can see how often Jennie uses the hair band.

The hair band that Jennie uses the most. (Screenshots)

2. Mini Hair Comb

Jennie’s hair gets tangled very easily. Because she is a public figure, Jennie has to “slap” her appearance even more. Therefore, Jennie’s second most important item is a mini hairbrush that is easy to put in her bag to carry with her.

Compact mini comb helps Jennie adjust her hair. (Screenshots)

3. Hairbands

It seems that the IT Girl is very interested in the head, especially her hair. The headband is the third item Jennie can’t live without. The big black headband simply compacts the child’s hair, making Jennie’s face brighter.

4. Disney Duck Hairpin

Once again, Jennie showed her “preoccupation” with her hair when she always prepared two Donald and Daisy duck-shaped clips by her side. The female idol shared that every time she washed her face, her bangs would fall down very annoyingly. Therefore, when at home, Jennie often clips her hair to the sides to feel more comfortable.

Hair accessories are items that Jennie cannot be without. (Screenshots)

5. Accessories and makeup bag

When going out, Jennie often brings a few rings, a few lipsticks and a blush box with a mirror for convenience if she needs to redo her makeup. Jennie put these items in a small yellow Chanel bag for easy search.

Jennie puts makeup and accessories like rings and bracelets into a small bag. (Screenshots)

6. Water Crystal

The transparent white crystal with water inside is Jennie’s favorite item and has worked hard to find. Putting it in the palm of her hand, Jennie looked at the stone and immersed herself in the thoughts inside her mind.

The water crystal helps Jennie think calmly. (Screenshots)

7. Camera

Jennie really appreciates the fan gifts. The camera the fan gave me is quite heavy and when I hold it for a long time, my hands will get tired, but Jennie still carries it with her. The female idol often goes for a walk when the weather is nice and takes many photos. Instagram account lesyeuxdenini is where Jennie posts memorable moments.

The camera given by the fan is an item that Jennie always brings with her when going out. (Screenshots)

8. Zen ring (massage item)

This is the dish that Jennie introduced to fans a few times before. Because BLACKPINK ‘s activity schedule and Jennie’s own projects are very tight, she is often sluggish and tired. The female idol always has a zen ring in her pocket and in the car to massage her neck and sore joints.

The item to massage the body when in pain. (Screenshots)

9. Other necessary items

In addition to the items that are usually kept in the bag, there are also important items that are always in Jennie’s house. The female idol revealed the interesting fact that she wears socks 365 days a year. Especially when going to bed, Jennie has to wear cotton socks to feel more comfortable. Few people think that the owner of these lovely pink socks is a sexy female rapper on stage.

Jennie has a cute bear-shaped scissor holder. Female idols often put this item right in front of the main door. That way, she can easily open the parcel or the delivered goods.

The … are what Jennie wears for 365 days of the year. (Screenshots)

Sticker is definitely an item that surprises many fans because Jennie’s cuteness can be seen. The female idol has a hobby of collecting many kinds of stickers from everywhere. She even has three other bags just to hold stickers. Whenever she sees that her phone looks too bland, Jennie will use stickers to decorate it. Even Jennie herself doesn’t understand why she likes these items.

Jennie’s last important item is a picture drawn by the female idol herself. She rarely shares this hobby, so Jennie is quite shy during the introduction. Still can’t think of an interesting name for the picture, so Jennie asked fans for suggestions.

Sticker and self-drawn picture are two important items of Jennie. (Screenshots)

It can be seen that, despite being a celebrity, Jennie also needs a hair band or a headband like so many other girls. Through the personal vlog, fans understand more about Jennie’s personality. On stage is a powerful rapper but when she comes home, Jennie is just a lovely girl who always wears pink cotton socks to bed.

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