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Check out the price of BLACKPINK’s “cheap but expensive” outfits on Weverse

Fans have the opportunity to check the prices of the items that BLACKPINK is wearing in the welcome video to join Weverse.

On August 2, BLACKPINK had an impressive debut on the social networking platform Weverse. Although they only uploaded the video for less than 1 minute, the girls made people feverish with their cuteness. Not only that, the fans also had the opportunity to check the prices of the items the 4 trendy girls are wearing.

BLACKPINK ‘s brief but excited pitch made netizens excited. (Screenshots)


It must be said that stylists always choose for BLACKPINK outfits that express their personality. As can be seen, in the video greeting fans, Jisoo wears an extremely feminine outfit, exuding tenderness. She wears a ruffled white Ruffle Eyelet Crop Blouse by the Korean domestic company, SCULPTOR. It is made of 100% cotton and costs 66.2 USD

There are not too many outstanding accessories, but the 3 Cartier rings that she is wearing make fans surprised because “small but martial”. Items from the brand Jisoo represent cost from $1,270 to $3,050

A series of accessories that make fans fall back because they are expensive. (Photo: @styleforblinks)


Rosé wears a very simple outfit, even a bit cute thanks to the animal pattern on the shirt. Rosé wears a basic white t-shirt called Puppy Slim Fit by RONRON. This is a popular brand, so their prices are also very easy for fans to “cheap moments” with their idols: ranging from 33 USD to 55 USD , In addition, fans discovered that Wendy (Red Velvet) used to wear the same shirt.

Another member of BLACKPINK surprised fans when looking at the price of accessories. The necklace Rosé is wearing is from Tiffany & Co. reputation and cost up to 3,500 USD

Rosé wore quite popular clothes until fans saw the price of accessories. (Photo: @styleforrosie)


When it comes to Jennie, everyone knows about her unique series of costumes, cardigan is one of them. In this welcome video, Jennie continues to appear with that familiar look. She wears a cardigan with the Oi Heart Logo motif of the Korean brand O! OiCOLLECTION costs nearly 80 USD

Coordinating it is a design of Simple Washing Denim Pants jeans by fashion brand Nieeh, about 133 USD . Many people speculate that this is a brand co-founded by Jennie and her friend. In addition, Jennie also wears a ring from The M Jewelers for 185 USD

Jennie’s “familiar” pants are said to be the brand she co-founded with her friends. (Photo: @styleofjendeuke)


Accompanying her sisters, Lisa this time also appeared with a dynamic and popular outfit. She wears a ZARA brand wool crop top with blue horizontal lines. This shirt is being discounted from 25.90 USD  to 5.99 USD . Lisa mixed the shirt with TheOpen Product’s stained jeans for 119 USD

She also combined with many accessories such as Foundrae’s necklace for $2,440 , Ylyl’s pope ring at $37 . Finally, the most …. accessory is BVLGARI’s gold B-Zero ring for $ 7,800,. As can be seen, this entire outfit of Lisa has a total price of nearly 12 000 usd, the most expensive in the group.

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