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BLACKPINK causes a storm when going to work: Jennie is strange with her “age-hacked” visual, Rosé wears slippers revealing her bent legs, the hottest is Jisoo’s new hair

It was not until the evening of August 7 that BLACKPINK fans got the answer to the question "Where is Lisa?".

On the afternoon of 7/8, the fans who caught 3 members BLACKPINK is Jisoo , Jennie and Rosé along to work. Since August 8 is the group’s 5th debut anniversary, fans are guessing that the members will gather together to carry out a common schedule. However, Lisa’s absence made fans guess old and young forever.

Even so, fans still had the opportunity to “visually shock” a moment because the members only wore simple, no heavy makeup on the way to work, but were still beautiful. Among them, the person who surprised the most was Jennie. Just wearing a simple black and white shirt and letting her hair down, Jennie looks lovely, bold teen like a high school girl. Rosé’s bright smile also impresses with her luxurious aura, but she inadvertently revealed the shortcoming of her thin and curved legs and slippers that were out of tune with the overall. The oldest sister, Jisoo, shines brightly with her new auburn hair that has been taking the world by storm for 3 days.

Jennie makes fans faint because of “passionate”. Despite covering her face with a mask, the female idol’s smile still shines brightly

Wearing a simple white shirt and black skirt, Jennie suddenly became small and cute like a high school girl, far from her usual sexy look. The short skirt helps her show off her slim legs, making fans unable to take their eyes off

Rosé smiled brightly in the moment of taking off her mask for fans to take pictures. The preview image is blurry, but the beauty of “Australian rose” is still so bright and radiant

Rosé wears a luxurious blazer jacket over a youthful T-shirt and shorts, but wears slippers. The short pants again “reported” the female idol’s thin and curved legs, making fans sigh in concern.

Jisoo only revealed a new auburn hair color but once again caused a stir among netizens. The gentle eyes of BLACKPINK’s eldest sister also “cut the hearts” of many fans

On the evening of August 7, the question “Where is Lisa?” finally got the answer. Jisoo posted on her personal story a photo of all 4 members with the wish, “Happy 5th anniversary, BLACKPINK and BLINK”. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen all 4 pieces of “Hac Huong” gathered, so immediately, this photo made netizens excited to share.

In this photo, Lisa is still wearing a mask and a tight hat. Many fans speculated that Lisa didn’t show up and covered up to hide her new hair color for the upcoming solo. August 8 is the 5th anniversary of BLACKPINK’s debut, so fans are eagerly waiting for the gifts of all 4 members tomorrow.

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