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Livestream celebrating the debut of BLACKPINK’s “visual party”: Lisa and Jisoo’s new hair caused a storm, who thought Rosé was as brilliant as an overwhelming princess

4 members of BLACKPINK had a very happy and meaningful 5th debut anniversary, filled with fairy scenes because of their flawless beauty.

Today (August 8), 4 members of BLACKPINK had a livestream to celebrate their 5th debut anniversary . It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the 4 members appear together, so the fans were extremely happy, and immediately this event caused an explosion on social media today.

More than the interesting stories in the livestream, the visuals of 4 members Jisoo , Jennie , Rosé and Lisa are what make people glued to their eyes. Finally, after a series of revealing days, BLACKPINK showed viewers an unexpected new look, especially the brand new image of two members Lisa and Jisoo. The youngest Lisa took the spotlight with her beautiful new color “two horns” hair, while Jisoo appeared with a great appearance with a brown hair color makeover, and Jennie was both lovely and personality when she had a “cockroach beard” hairstyle. “. However, all are overshadowed by Rosé’s gorgeous princess-like visuals and incredibly small waist.

BLACKPINK had a livestream exchange with fans on the occasion of their 5th debut anniversary, the appearance of the 4 members became a hot topic on social media all night.

Jisoo and Jennie were indistinguishable in the livestream. The gentle side, the personality side, the two close sisters have created a powerful “double visual” combo

However, the hottest tonight is the youngest couple Rosé and Lisa with gorgeous and lovely visuals that brighten the whole frame.

Rosé and Lisa each have their own looks, gentle personalities but when standing together, they make each other stand out


Lisa suddenly appeared with a brand new gray-brown hair color that was so beautiful that people “craved” to imitate it, she also created a lovely “2 horns” hairstyle that accentuated her sharp, beautiful lines. doll

Lisa’s bright smile makes fans happy too

The female idol also gave a lovely heart to her fans

In the self-published photo on her Instagram story, Lisa also cleverly showed off her super-small ant waist and standard square shoulders “holy body”.


During the livestream, Jennie appeared with a “cockroach beard” hairstyle and a bright smile


At the livestream, the main vocalist of “Hac Huong” became the focus of attention with a bright and brilliant appearance like a princess. The hair shows off the female idol’s white skin



All attention has been focused on BLACKPINK’s oldest sister’s golden brown hair causing a global storm

The close-up of Jisoo’s face makes fans “visually ” because it’s so perfect

Today, BLACKPINK’s most beautiful series of pictures in recent events also caused a storm all over MXH

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