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When BLACKPINK beauties plow the game: Jennie and Jisoo “parachute and run”, Rosé and Lisa play the role of enthusiastic cheerleaders

Surely the Blinks will be "excited" when the BLACKPINK beauties play games like streammers, there will be many interesting things to look forward to!

After “dyeing” PUBG into 2 familiar black and pink colors, BLACKPINK continued to “invade this game with livestream gaming similar to streamers. Accordingly, eldest sister Jisoo has the talent to play like a real gamer. Combined with her sister Jennie, although not the best player in the team, she always tries her best when entering the match and scores high even though she doesn’t reach the top.

Although not participating in running, Lisa and Rosé must be very enthusiastic to support the two sisters when standing as a cheerleader, encouraging the team to win

Jisoo and Jennie used to make the audience laugh when they livestream playing PUBG Mobile, I don’t know what will happen in PUBG PC in the future

Jennie and Jisoo once made fans laugh and cry with their run to the ground

Accordingly, BLACKPINK will livestream playing games on Douyin – China’s largest streaming platform at 6 pm (Vietnam time) August 13. The room code to see these beauties live “parachute, run bo” is 276685.

The combination of the 2 promises to bring a lot of fun to gamers as well as fans of the 4 BLACKPINK girls.

In addition, the BLACKPINK livestream playing PUBG is also considered a part of the cooperation campaign between these two famous global names. The PUBG BLACKPINK event will take place from August 8 to September 7 with special missions designed to make BLACKPINK-themed items. There will also be BLACKPINK-themed drawings and decals throughout PUBG’s maps and for the duration of the event.


Blinks must be extremely excited to see how these emerging “streamers” play PUBG

In total, there will be 38 items based on the outfits each BLACKPINK girl wears on stage, plus in-game supply boxes with designs for all the weapons and accessories, decals on buildings and even an exclusive plane tail for a certain time…

In addition, many other events in this cooperation have also been announced, gamers have the opportunity to receive real BLACKPINK helmets and signed CDs of the group.

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