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Jennie set a record with SOLO MV but still surpassed by BLACKPINK’s most unruly dance video

Jennie set a record in the female Kpop solo artist segment. However, her MV still doesn't have as many views as the dance performance video How You Like That, released by BLACKPINK in July 2020.

On August 9, the BLACKPINK fan community received two good news in a row on the YouTube “front”. It ‘s Jennie ‘s SOLO MV hitting 700 million views. At the same time, BLACKPINK’s Dance Performance ” How You Like That” also reached 800 million views on this platform.

Jennie’s SOLO MV hits 700 million views

On the same day, BLACKPINK’s How You Like That dance video reached 800 million views

MV SOLO was released by Jennie on November 12, 2018 and took about 2 years, 8 months and 27 days to reach 700 million views. This is the first MV of a female K-pop solo artist to surpass this milestone. However, in terms of speed and number of views, SOLO succumbed to the How You Like That dance performance video , although the level of investment in Jennie’s “single” product is much higher.

BLACKPINK’s Dance Performance version reached 800 million views in just 1 year, 1 month and 4 days, which is more than 100 million views more than Jennie’s SOLO MV . Notably, this is the first and only dance video in history to reach the aforementioned milestone.

Jennie sets a record for a female K-pop solo artist…

… but still lost the view of How You Like That choreography video

This shows that BLACKPINK is a real “YouTube queen”, just a dance video has high views. Moreover, this Dance Performance version is so “unruly” that it surpasses the extremely invested solo MV of the group members.

With such a growth rate, the date of How You Like That ‘s Dance Performance version reaching billions of views is probably not far away. But Jennie does not have to be sad when she is surpassed by her group’s dance video, because MV SOLO has helped her set a record that no female Kpop solo artist has ever reached!


How You Like That (Dance Performance Video) – BLACKPINK



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