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BLACKPINK is constantly being used as a PR trick: From aespa, BTS juniors to YG rookies themselves, they all want to become “copies”

I don't know how many more "BLACKPINK copies" will be born in the near future.

After 5 years of operation, BLACKPINK is currently the most successful Kpop group at the moment. Possessing a large number of fans both domestically and internationally and with their distinctive musical colors, BLACKPINK is a typical example for future generations of juniors.

However, many large companies have taken advantage of the famous name of the Hac Huong group to attract attention with PR tricks. Even SM, HYBE or YG themselves have “borrowed” BLACKPINK to make the public know their rookie group more.

SM self-admits aespa as “new generation BLACKPINK”
aespa is the newest girl group to debut under SM. The 4-member girl group had an extremely successful debut with Black Mamba , considered the dinosaur rookie of 2020. After that, the group maintained its popularity with Next Level firmly holding on to the digital music charts with viral dance.


Aespa .’s Next Level performance stage

There has been a certain amount of attention, but SM still has a move to follow by self-identifying aespa as the controversial “new generation BLACKPINK”. Specifically, the official account of aespa shared an article, which included a passage about aespa as follows: “The group (aespa) is being called the new generation BLACKPINK. Despite pursuing different concepts and styles, Fans have started comparing the group with BLACKPINK and have been praising them. After all (showbiz) there will always be a place for sharp girls . ”

The aespa official account shared an article with the content: Learn aespa through 10 interesting facts

SM uses media play, using the name BLACKPINK to promote aespa

YG’s ambition to create a girl group with 10 Jennie?
Baby Monster (also known as Baemon) is a new generation girl group that is about to be released by YG. Originally, being a junior of BLACKPINK has attracted a lot of attention from fans. However, this company is still determined to fully exploit the heat of BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK is about to have a junior girl group

In recent days, the story that YG will create 10 Jennie in the rookie group is constantly being discussed. The origin of this story stems from an interview with the CEO of YG Food, Mrs. Noh Hee Young. She has revealed some new information regarding Baby Monster. Specifically, Noh Hee Young said that YG’s new girl group, directed by her, is oriented to create 10 versions like Jennie (BLACKPINK).

The CEO of YG Food, Mrs. Noh Hee Young, revealed that she is training a new 10-member group that is 10 versions like Jennie

Rookie group HYBE has the same appearance and skills as BLACKPINK?
In the upcoming rookie race, HYBE also joins the first girl group that this company has trained since BTS’ debut until now. HYBE will debut a girl group with a collaboration with Source Music in the fourth quarter of 2021. The group is chaired by Board Chairman Bang Sihyuk and CBO (brand director) Min Heejin (former creative director of SM) ) joint production and training.

President Bang Sihyuk collaborates with Min Heejin to train a new generation girl group

HYBE’s representative shared, “We are preparing for the debut of a girl group in the fourth quarter of this year. The schedule, number of members and specific music genres are still confidential. The group has received high expectations. for being a rookie with the same looks and skills as BLACKPINK” .

Once again, BLACKPINK is called out to compare with the new girl group HYBE

It seems that the current trend of K-pop girl group training at the moment is to create a “perfect copy” of BLACKPINK. If that’s the truth, I don’t know how many versions of BLACKPINK will have to receive in the near future.

However, if you look at aespa, it can be confirmed that mentioning BLACKPINK is just a “media play” trick. aespa is developing in a completely different concept from BLACKPINK. Even the color of the music and choreography is not so coincidental that it is called the “new generation BLACKPINK”. And believe that YG or HYBE also don’t want their group to actually become a copy of any girl group. Please, these media tricks Kpop fans are so used to!


Stop calling souls, BLACKPINK and fans are tired!

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