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“Cute” like YG idol: Coldly doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram

From idols, actors to models, YG doesn't need to follow anyone on their personal Instagram accounts but still has a huge following.

Most K-pop idols have personal Instagram accounts. It’s a place for them to post their everyday moments, interact with fans or interact with other colleagues. However, fans always wonder what kind of image YG idols will see when they scroll through their own Instagram page when they don’t press the follow button to follow anyone. Many people even joke that this has become a tradition because from singers, to actors or models under YG Entertainment, all have similar habits.

The youngest couple BLACKPINK has millions of followers on Instagram but has never followed anyone. (Photo: TH)

G-Dragon is the one who started the “cold” trend of not following in the K-pop music industry. Artistic Instagram page of leader BIGBANG with 19.8 million followers was established on July 19, 2012. In fact, during nearly 10 years of playing Instagram, G-Dragon used to follow famous Japanese singer and model Kiko Mizuhara. She used to be the “rumored lover” of the male idol.


G-Dragon is the one who started the trend of not following anyone on Instagram. (Screenshots)

Another YG group leader who also follows the no-following system is Mino (WINNER). In the past, Mino used to follow quite a few other Instagram accounts until he was discovered by Dispatch to follow an account called prettypuke that often posted photos with sensitive content related to children. Since that scandal, the Really Really vocalist decided not to follow anyone anymore.

Mino is more “secretive” since being scrutinized for the Instagram accounts he follows. (Screenshots)

This famous YG tradition of “cheating” is also responded to by BLACKPINK . All 4 girls, even though they each have 40-50 million followers, don’t follow anyone. In particular, Lisa is quite tight-lipped when fans only see her like and comment a few times on her group member’s photo. Interestingly, when posting photos, Lisa usually only attaches an icon on the caption.

All 4 pieces of BLACKPINK join the “following 0 users” association. (Screenshots)

On May 3, Naeun officially signed a contract and became an actor of YG Entertainment. Both Naeun and the famous Weightlifting Girl actress Lee Sung Kyung have official Instagram accounts that do not follow anyone else. Previously, Naeun used to follow relatives, but there was a time when anti-fans insulted Naeun’s family, so the singer decided to unfollow them all to avoid being bothered by antis.

In addition, the male cast under YG is no exception. Model, actor Jang Ki Yong and model, rapper, actor VIINI own an Instagram page with a huge number of followers, but no one is lucky enough to have the two guys press the follow button.

YG’s male and female actors have the same “cold” blood as the idols of the same company. (Screenshots)

Another interesting exception is TOP . BIGBANG’s eldest brother used to be a member of YG’s no-follow group. But earlier this year, TOP suddenly clicked to follow a single account. Not a member of the same group or family, but an account that posts pictures of Alpaca sheep. Since then, TOP has joined the “follow only me” group.

The luckiest “girl” followed by TOP is none other than the Alpaca camel. (Screenshots)

This particular tradition of YG idols is not necessarily a bad thing. More than anyone else, they are the ones who understand that their private lives are always scrutinized by netizens. Just a moment of carelessness to miss like or unfollow someone is enough to make them tired of being talked about by Knet.


The 4 YG girls finally joined the Weverse social networking platform on August 2. In the clip less than a minute, fans were feverish because of BLACKPINK’s trendy and trendy outfit.

Jisoo has a feminine and gentle fashion style. Put on a white blouse Ruffle Crop eyelet motifs shrugged dirt firm Sculptor cost more than 1.5 million VND, Jisoo same time youthful debut. The singer also wears 3 small Cartier rings, but the price is not small. They are even more expensive than the outfit Jisoo wears when priced from 29 to 70 million VND.

Rosé usually has a light and comfortable fashion sense. She wears a basic white croptop T-shirt called Puppy Slim Fit of RONRON brand,


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