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Not BTS or EXO, a group that debuted 15 years ago is the boygroup with the first hundred million views dance video to match BLACKPINK

Although BTS and EXO have the strength in MV views on YouTube, it is the senior boygroup that has reached the milestone of 100 million in terms of the first dance video views.

Referring to the YouTube views of boy groups, the first names that appear in many people’s minds must be BTS, EXO… However, the first boy group to achieve 100 million views. for a dance practice video, call out BIGBANG with the dance practice clip BANG BANG BANG


BIGBANG’s BANG BANG BANG dance practice video

BANG BANG BANG is the first dance practice video to reach 100 million views by a K-pop boy group

BIGBANG’s video took nearly 4 years to achieve this feat. Although it is not a very fast time, BIGBANG has surpassed many popular boy groups of the 3rd generation such as BTS or EXO to become the first boy group to reach this milestone. Overall on the Kpop front, BIGBANG is the 3rd group to have a dance practice video with 100 million views after BLACKPINK and MOMOLAND.

Video of BIGBANG’s BANG BANG BANG dance studio with a lot of backing dancers

This is considered one of the dance practice videos with investment in the lineup when not only the 5 BIGBANG members performed, the YG male and female dancers also enthusiastically supported. About BANG BANG BANG , this is BIGBANG’s top hit song. BANG BANG BANG has a vibrant melody and “iconic” shooting choreography. This is always the song that pops up at crowded and lively events that anyone can easily dance to, whether they’re a K-pop fan or not.

BANG BANG BANG is one of the biggest hits of BIGBANG’s career

Currently, the MV BANG BANG BANG has reached 550 million views on YouTube, which is the highest number for 15-year-old boy group BIGBANG.



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