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Rosé (BLACKPINK) bought a new iPhone case again, the price is just as expensive as Jennie!

Rosé owns expensive iPhone cases, but always changes "always" like a shirt.

Rosé is the girl who owns more than 44.5 million followers on Instagram, and is also the artist with the highest number of followers in Kpop on the TikTok platform.

Not only that, she has become the new global ambassador of high-end jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. at the beginning of April this year, and is also a global brand ambassador of Saint Laurent. This is not only a surprise for Rosé but also a milestone for the French “big man” when in 59 years of history there is a new global brand ambassador.

Recently, Rosé continued to show off a photo of a new iPhone case model on her personal Instagram, she often changes phone cases. This case model comes from Wildflower, priced at 35 USD , especially her keychain strap is quite expensive, more than 80 usd

Rosé took to Instagram to show off her new case

Combo case of YSL ambassador girl costs about 120 usd

In particular, Rosé and Jennie’s accessory hangers were purchased at the same place. And the price is also very expensive, more than 300 usd for Jennie’s case.


2 girls buy hangers at the same store

Jennie’s case combo costs about 6 million dong

It is true that the “black and pink” girls always make fans stunned when they peel off the price of their iPhone case. Although only used for a short time, they cost up to several million dong or even more than ten million dong.


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