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People are rioting because of the beauty of the biological mother of the goddess BLACKPINK: Beautiful like this tycoon owner, why are the 3 children all the best?

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is fortunate to inherit all the beauty of a beautiful mother.

Jisoo ( BLACKPINK ) is a famous beauty of Kpop, possessing a perfect beautiful face, dubbed “Miss Korea”. The female idol’s siblings are also full of beauty products, making netizens believe that Jisoo’s parents must have excellent looks, and the whole family has wonderful genes.

Recently, on social networks, suddenly, rare images of the female idol’s mother went viral on social networks. Through this series of photos, it can be seen that Jisoo’s mother, even though she has become a grandmother, is still young and beautiful, elegant, and surprisingly luxurious. BLACKPINK’s oldest sister and mother are very similar in their delicate facial features, high nose, gentle beauty and tycoon temperament. Jisoo is the perfect copy, fully inheriting the beauty of a beautiful mother. According to rumors, Jisoo’s mother is the wife of the CEO of the entertainment company that manages MAMAMOO or a famous Mnet TV station, that’s why Jisoo has many relationships with producers, directors, MC is so Korean, for example, Heechul is very close to the father of this goddess.

In this series of photos, it can be seen that Jisoo is very similar to her mother, from the nose to the delicate face, gentle feminine beauty full of nobility.

In many moments, mother and daughter are 90% similar. Jisoo’s mother has become a grandmother, but she is still young and radiant, beautiful, noble and luxurious. She has a perfect face, beautiful and beautiful like a star

Lucky BLACKPINK beauties fully inherit the beauty of her mother, especially her lips and eyes

Having a mother who has such a great visual, no wonder why Jisoo’s sister is so beautiful. Although not a celebrity, Jisoo’s sister still makes netizens feverish because she is so beautiful, similar to actress Han Hyo Joo

The female idol brother is also another beauty product, but unfortunately, he did not follow the path of being a celebrity

As for Jisoo, despite being so beautiful, she used to admit that she was… the ugliest

“Perfect” is the correct word for Jisoo’s face

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