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Black Pink’s “Saint of Savings” is Rosé: Complete the old clothes 3-4 times, but still beautiful in an unexpected way

Rosé wears old clothes again, but thanks to the flexible way of mixing clothes, her style is never boring.

Active in the entertainment industry of kimchi for 5 years, Black Pink has now built a solid career.Each member of the Hac Huong group is famous for their ability to “make money like water”, often wearing outfits worth hundreds of millions, even up to billions. But no matter how rich, Black Pink still has a savings move, many times wearing old clothes to avoid wasting costumes. And among the members of the Hac Huong group, the girl who actively reuses the oldest is Rosé. More interestingly, every time she recycles clothes, Rosé mixes and matches in a new way so her style is never boring, always stylish and eye-catching.

Rosé loves Alexander Wang’s pleated jeans, the female idol wears this item at least 3 times. Branded jeans look very dusty, liberal and easy to mix. Rosé often combines this item with crop top models, mainly to reveal the high waistband to hack the optimal shape, and also to help respect the beauty of this pair of jeans costing nearly 10 million dong.

The dusty shorts were also recycled by Rosé a few times. With torn hem detail, the black shorts model brings a sense of freedom and playfulness. Rosé used to combine this item with a shirt/blazer to create an outfit that is both dusty and elegant. Sometimes, she completes a youthful and dynamic outfit when combining black shorts with a simple, strong T-shirt or sweatshirt.

Rosé absolutely loves Tod’s loafers. With a simple, elegant design, with a gentle white tone, this pair of brand loafers can be easily attached to any outfit, such as a skirt, sweet pleated skirt, or combined with The elegant outfits are also very good.

Rosé’s earthy yellow pants look outstanding, but also exude an elegant “western” look. To balance the overall outfit, Rosé combined colorful pants with a white crop top, accented with gentle floral motifs. Overall this outfit looks feminine and stylish. In addition, the Black Pink beauties also combine a model of yellow pants with items with black tones, this pair of colors is very harmonious with each other, making the whole outfit more luxurious.

Rosé’s favorite items list also includes elegant and stylish plaid pants. The female idol flexibly mixes this model with a white shirt + black bag and bucket hat, or mixes it with a crop top and braids her hair to create an outfit that is both sexy and trendy.

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