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Lisa (BLACKPINK) is called “caption lord” by netizens, just look at Instagram to understand why!

Lisa's personal Instagram account currently has more than 57.5 million followers.

Lisa is currently a member of the most popular girl group in Korea – BLACKPINK and she is also the idol with the biggest Instagram followers in Kpop. Lisa @lalalalisa_m’s Instagram currently has 57.5 million followers and 717 posts.

However, she was discovered by netizens to be very frugal when posting personal pictures on social networks. Unlike the other 3 members of BLACKPINK, Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé, Lisa rarely posts stories on Instagram, the captions in the photos posted are usually just hashtags, names when PR for brands or no. any text.

Rosé likes to post long captions

Jisoo is also very attentive to Blinks

Or like Jennie too

Only Lisa is different from “foam”, a few of the many posts by “caption lord”

Fans even compiled them for Lisa

– I really want Lisa’s caption, is it always an icon with a hashtag!

– Truly the lord of captions!

– Hey, I have the most followers on Instagram, but Lisa is speechless haha.

– People who post pictures think the caption is boring, she doesn’t always write that it’s the lord of the caption.

Since Lisa (BLACKPINK) opened a personal Instagram account, she has broken many records on this platform. She is the most followed K-pop idol, the most followed Thai celebrity, the first K-pop idol to reach 20 million followers, and together with Rosé becomes the first female K-Pop idol to have The post reached 1 million likes.

Lisa’s records on the Instagram platform:

1. Korean artist has the highest number of Instagram followers.

2. Thai artist record with the most Instagram followers.

3. The first Kpop idol to reach 20 million followers.

4. The first Kpop idol to reach 50 million followers.

4. Female Kpop artists have the most likes on Instagram (more than 8.8 million likes).

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