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Jisoo (BLACKPINK) turns into a princess on a new magazine cover

Marie Claire has just teased a new image of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) on a new digital magazine issue, making people ecstatic.

With their reputation and distinct fashion style, BLACKPINK members are increasingly active in the fashion field. The group’s magazine covers are more than the total number of comebacks in 5 years of operation.

Until now, fans have not heard anything about the group’s music product in the second half of 2021, Jisoo has “beaten” with a beautiful personal cover.

Jisoo with a muse-like beauty on the cover of Marie Claire magazine. (Photo: Marie Claire)

On the morning of August 20, Marie Claire magazine suddenly released a series of new photos of Jisoo on Instagram. BLACKPINK’s eldest sister is the face of the cover photo for the upcoming September issue. This time, her cover continues to be favored by Dior, in favor of Beauty instead of Fashion as before.

Jisoo in a red dress really makes fans unable to take their eyes off. (Photo: Marie Claire)

As Dior’s Global Ambassador, Jisoo continues to embody the spirit of this luxury brand. In the photo, wearing a red, flowing dress that gives off a gorgeous feeling, Jisoo is likened to a princess. Besides, the bright red lipstick gives a very powerful feeling, making fans seem mesmerized by the idol’s beauty.

Jisoo with red lipstick is really a masterpiece not to be missed. (Photo: Marie Claire)

On the cover of this magazine, the oldest sister BLACKPINK also surprised fans with her new hair color. No more simple black hair, gentle brown dye helps Jisoo look more Western. Especially with the photo of her curling hair, the lipstick color and the not-so-sophisticated makeup enhance the harmonious contours of the face.

The photo gives a very special feeling about Jisoo’s visual this time. (Photo: Marie Claire)

As soon as the photo series was released, BLINK stood still. Although Jisoo is one of the popular visuals of Gen 3, her unexpected change from hair color to makeup made fans “visual shock”.

– Beauty is no joke.

– The red dress represents your wife.

– Dior is here again,

– It is true that the Global Ambassador is different.

– Just in the morning, Miss Chu made me want to faint up and down.

– It’s true that a beautiful person looks good in any shape.

– What’s wrong with you, being so pretty?

In March 2021, Jisoo was declared as Dior’s Global Ambassador in Beauty and Fashion. A great step forward after a long period of cooperation with this famous fashion house has contributed to increasing the reputation of the eldest sister BLACKPINK. Fans have to admit that Jisoo is the face that shows the Dior vibe the best.

After having an official title, the female idol was repeatedly favored by Dior. Magazine covers, outfits for her events are not affordable.

Jisoo’s photo when she was given the title of ambassador by Dior. (Screenshots)

After 5 years of working with BLACKPINK, Jisoo has proven her own position in the fashion field. The female idol is absolutely not inferior to her younger siblings.

Currently, Jisoo is also the “muse” of itMICHAA – a high-end fashion brand in Korea. This partly proves that the female idol is very popular with the Korean public even though BLACKPINK has been “stoned by Knet” many times.

Jisoo holds an advertising contract with a domestic fashion brand. (Photo: itMICHAA)

Jisoo’s new cover photo series for Marie Claire’s September issue is still the focus of netizens’ discussion. It is predicted that this magazine publication will “sold out” again thanks to Jisoo’s excellent face.

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