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The long-haired girl must immediately learn Rosé’s 6 dreamlike beauty styles so that her beauty always reaches the top and never goes down

It's boring forever, the long-haired girl quickly learns Rosé's variations to always be beautiful, not bland.

For girls with long hair, letting your hair down naturally is also a good choice, but if you keep it down forever, your appearance will be nothing special, becoming boring all the time. This is also the reason, women should change their long hair with many different styles to stay beautiful, fresh and smart, and reach the peak of beauty. In case you don’t know the idea of ​​​​changing hairstyles, please refer to BLACKPINK’s Rosé with 6 dreamlike suggestions below.

1. Low bun with crickets beard

For a long time, low bun hair has ceased to be known as “dumb” and bold because stylish ladies know how to manipulate, making this hairstyle a luxurious weapon to enhance beauty. A typical example is the case of Rosé, who is very enthusiastic about this hairstyle. The way Rosé elevates her low bun hair is also very simple, she often wears her cockroach beard and fixes the bun so that the ends of her hair are exposed, all these “tricks” will help make her look more luxurious and romantic. romantic.

2. Half tied hair

Half-tied hair is Rosé’s “brand” hairstyle, she gets along with this hairstyle in all situations, from performing on stage, traveling, coffee or showing off at the airport… half, Rosé will not be too elaborate, she lets loose two thin bangs and this helps Rosé’s half-tied hair become more liberal and beautiful like a “fairy”.

3. Ponytail hair
Like many other ladies, Rosé also cannot ignore the basic ponytail. Thanks to her long and thick hair, Rosé always exudes a romantic and elegant look when wearing her hair in a ponytail. With this hairstyle, Rosé still applies the familiar trick of dropping her bangs, small but martial details will make the ponytail easier to conquer, more stylish and also have the effect of reducing the face.

4. Braided hair

Braided hair is a strong wave in Rosé’s hair collection. With a seemingly rushed, unpolished braiding style, Rosé’s braided hairstyle becomes very luxurious and western, not cheesy at all. Besides, Rosé is also very good at creating volume for the braided hair, which helps to add a stylish look to the hairstyle that is rich in pancakes, and even when Rosé braids her hair and wears personality, it still looks very cool. fit, don’t get lost.

5. Messy Buns

Messy bun is a hairstyle that almost everyone can wear. This hairstyle is also very stylish when even a fashionable lady like Rosé has been friends at least once. Messy bun hair brings freedom, youthfulness and helps brighten the face. Besides, with just enough tangle, messy bun hair is not only suitable for going out, but also very good to wear to work or to wish Tet.

6. Mane hair

Still retaining the graceful look of loose hair but increasing the freshness, lemongrass is the hair wearing a mane. Rosé’s familiar choice is usually a black mane, with a simple design to both harmonize with her trendy dyed hair, and ensure elegance and haughtiness without “retardation” at all. The upcoming Tet holiday is the time when you should dress up with accessories, so don’t forget to try this Rosé hairstyle!

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