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Not Rosé (BLACKPINK), a BTS member is the first Kpop artist to have a video of 100 million views on TikTok

Rosé is not the first K-pop artist to have a video of 100 million views on TikTok.

Rosé’s TikTok account @roses_are_rosie currently has 17.2 million followers. This is also the account of the Kpop artist with the largest number of followers on TikTok and ranks 3rd in terms of Kbiz accounts after the group TikTok accounts of BLACKPINK and BTS.

Not long ago on July 19, MXH was stirred up when the video “fell” with the words “Hello everyone, this is my real TikTok. Bye!” reached 100 million views. Currently, this video has more than 101.3 million views and is still growing daily.

The video also helped Rosé become a Kpop female artist with the first 100 million views video and also the most viewed video.


Rosé’s record-setting 7s video

But that’s only considering female artists, a member of BTS, even without a personal account, with a group account of nearly 40 million followers is the first Kpop artist to own a video with 100 million views on TikTok. .


Jimin’s video

Jimin’s video was uploaded on April 18, 2020, on the group’s Boy With Luv music background and has reached 100 million views on March 31, 2021. Currently, this video also has a number of views of 110 million, which is the most viewed individual video of a Kpop artist on TikTok.

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