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Revealing the image of Lisa’s solo album: Luxurious “golden scent”, fragrant bangs, “faded” bangs and also Jennie?

After watching Lisa's album, quickly "close the order" without thinking!

On the evening of August 25 (Vietnam time), YG officially closed the solo debut date with the first teaser poster of Lisa (BLACKPINK) . Accordingly, the Thai female idol will officially release the single album titled ” LALISA” at 1 pm in Korea (equivalent to 11 am in Vietnam) on September 10.

Lisa closes her solo debut on September 10th, the album’s name is LALISA

Right after that, on the afternoon of August 26, YG also teased the physical album LALISA for fans to “close the order”. In Lisa’s album “smelly of money” includes many different accessories such as: carrying case, CD, Photobook (88 pages), photocard, gold photocard (rare), golden ticket (super rare)… The album will There are 2 versions, Black ver. and Gold ver., it would be hard to choose which album is better!

Mysterious black album box is equally luxurious

The teaser image in the photobook makes fans extremely “lucky” because it looks a lot like… Jennie, not Lisa

CD is included with the lyrics sheet

There will be 4 photocards, random 1/4 in each album

Similarly, there are also 4 polaroids, random 1/4 in each album. The teaser image shows that Lisa’s bangs have completely “discolored”

Folding poster helps fans see Lisa in full HD quality

Whoever has these super rare gold cards will definitely become “rich lady”.

The golden ticket is only available in 50 albums, the “dignity test” is very strong!

The album version “gilded” is too rich!

Photobook will also be different from the Black version

The plate is also yellow

4 more cards from this version, fans who want to collect the full set of photocards must buy 8 albums

Same for polaroids

Folding poster

Gold photocards in this version also have up to 4

There will still be 50 golden tickets for this album version

In addition, LALISA will also have a KiT Album and vinyl version (limited).

Kit Album


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