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Lisa (BLACKPINK) is not the “social network queen” of Kpop, who else comes here, looking at the interactive numbers makes me dizzy!

Lisa is indeed a "rocket system" player with record numbers, shamelessly the female idol who owns a lot of the best things in Kpop today.

After many months of looking forward to the final on the evening of 25/6, YG Entertainment released a teaser poster has officially set a date for her solo debut youngest Lisa of BLACKPINK . Lisa is currently one of the hottest names in the Kpop music industry in the international market, so it is not difficult to understand when her moves are attracting great attention to fans. .

Lisa’s poster officially sets the solo debut date as September 10

Immediately after the first signs of the upcoming solo on September 10, the people could not help but “wake up”. Lisa has quickly “broken” social networks, surpassing her own record to set new amazing numbers even though she has only released a few posters.

Specifically, the poster LISA FIRST SINGLE ALBUM has reached 1 million likes on Facebook in just 9 hours and 17 minutes. This is BLACKPINK’s fastest post to reach 1 million likes on this platform, and Lisa also becomes the fastest Kpop idol with a solo poster to reach this number.

Lisa also became the fastest Kpop idol with a solo poster reaching 1 million likes on Facebook

With Instagram, her latest post on this social network surpassed 2 million likes in just 46 minutes, the fastest record in Kpop history. It is worth mentioning that this record was previously held by Lisa with the post reaching 2 million likes within 49 minutes.

Besides, Lisa is also the Asian with the most posts exceeding 6 million and 7 million likes. At the same time, Lisa is also the first and only person in Asian history to own 6 posts exceeding 8 million likes. All of these posts are increasing engagement at a dizzying rate.


With Instagram, her latest post on this social network surpassed 2 million likes in just 46 minutes

Lisa’s heat is also proven by the huge numbers on the social network Twitter. Lisa’s poster reached 100,000 likes in just 10 minutes, the second fastest achievement of a Kpop female artist. 1st place also belongs to Lisa with COMING SOON POSTER achieved in 9 minutes. Lisa reached the top 1 trending after just 45 minutes of releasing the teaser and reached 1 million tweets after just over 1 hour of posting. The hashtags and taglines were on the global top trending after 60 minutes.

Lisa’s poster hit 100k likes in just 10 minutes

Hashtags are always at the top trending position

Not only fans, but even “big guys” in the fields from fashion, cosmetics to media have shown great anticipation for Lisa’s solo debut by interacting through online posts. society.

MTV’s official account not only retweeted Lisa’s poster, but also “taken effort” into her personal Instagram post to express her excitement.

“It’s marked on the calendar and the time is clear!”

MTV’s comment on Lisa’s Instagram post

The Facebook team is no exception to this wave of support. The Facebook App account shows its excitement by constantly commenting on posts about Lisa.

Facebook comments on Lisa’s personal Instagram

Facebook shows excitement in BLACKPINK’s official page post

Lisa is the brand ambassador of many world famous brands. So her coverage is extremely wide. MAC’s Instagram account also posted Lisa’s story teaser poster, and left comments on her post. MAC’s creative director, Drew Elliot, also personally commented on the photo where Lisa announced her album would be out soon.

MAC Cosmetics posted stories to support Lisa

Also leave a comment

The creative director of MAC commented on Lisa’s COMING SOON teaser photo

Earlier on the day of the teaser, CELINE’s event and haute couture director Peter Utz also showed his support for Lisa by commenting on her post as well as sharing it on her story. Instagram.

CELINE couture and events director Peter Utz also showed his support for Lisa

There is no doubt about Lisa’s special charm through these clear examples. It can be said that her solo debut is one of the most anticipated events in the second half of 2021:

– Lisa’s hotness is measured in seconds by minutes.

– Oh my gosh!

– Lisa is really the queen of social networks.

– Wow, the sky is so beautiful!

– This is the poster, but it’s wobbly and then the teaser will be clinically dead.

– Too fast too dangerous.

It can be said that her solo debut is one of the most anticipated events of 2021

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