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Pity for Lisa (BLACKPINK): The solo debut schedule was delayed, when it was time to “listen”, the SM “chicken” scandal took over the air.

Lisa's solo debut is expected to reap great success. But with YG often not being on time, plus the controversy of SM artists are causing Lisa to be "overwhelmed" unfortunately.

During the past time, information about BLACKPINK ‘s youngest Lisa as a member “following in” to her solo debut has received a lot of attention and attention from fans. However, the fact that she was constantly delayed in debut made many people expect and worry.

Information about Lisa’s solo debut received great attention

Lisa’s solo debut schedule is continuously delayed
First, information about Lisa’s solo debut is said to be in June. Before that, at the beginning of May, DJ Snake “listened” about the collaboration with Lisa in the launch of her solo product. It was this “hearing” that made many people look forward to and expect that Lisa will rock the summer with a great hit.

DJ Snake “teases” to collaborate with Lisa

However, on May 13, Korean market experts based on reports and said that Lisa will make her solo debut in Q3 (around July, August, September) instead of Q2 (June). as planned. This change is intended to give her more time to prepare more carefully for this solo debut. In addition, in a program of MC Yoo Jae Suk, the “national MC” gave information about Lisa’s solo debut in July, clashing with famous names such as BTS, Taeyeon, etc.

Lisa is expected to “land” in July…

..with BTS…

… and SNSD leader Taeyeon

However, July passed in silence, YG still hasn’t made any move about her debut. By mid-July, Korean newspaper OSEN reported that Lisa had started filming for a solo MV. Notably, a YG staff member also posted a picture of filming the MV. On the afternoon of July 30, Korean media reported that Lisa had finished filming her solo MV and was completing the final stages of preparing for her debut in August.

Korean media stirred up information about Lisa’s MV filming

In addition, the famous Korean music platform MelOn also announced the artist lineup for their debut and comeback in August through their official Instagram post. In particular, in this “epic” line-up named Lisa. However, information about the specific time is still a “unknown”.

MelOn posted about Lisa being in the August line-up

On the day 23/8, while the people are still waiting for the YG languishing unexpected “drop-hearing” on the solo debut of Lisa through posters bearing the words “Coming soon” (roughly translated: “Coming Soon” ) together with that is the “blurred” Lisa image that intrigues the fans.

YG released a surprise “hearing” for fans

Immediately, this meager information caused an explosion all over social networks. The Lisa solo poster immediately hit 100K hearts and retweets within 9 minutes. This is the highest achievement for a female artist. At the same time, the hashtags “#ArtisteLisa” and “LISA IS COMING” ranked at Top trending #1 and #3 respectively worldwide. News Lisa solo topped the Top Trending of many countries, occupied the top 1 of Trending in many countries, including Vietnam

Only with the mysterious poster “dropping the chain”, Lisa ranked Top trending in many countries

However, it wasn’t long before the news about the solo performance was… “nothing negative” and the attention of the online community gradually focused on… the “controversy” series of SM idols.

The series of controversies of SM artists made the news of Lisa’s solo debut “overwhelmed”
First, on the morning of the same day on August 23, the dating information of the “most fan-attracting” member of Red Velvet, Joy, surprised the online community. People focused their attention on the lovely love story between Joy and Crush. In particular, the dating information was “disclosed” during Red Velvet ‘s comeback after nearly 2 years, causing many people to discuss. Therefore, information about Lisa’s solo debut “hearing” is gradually being “occupied” by this couple.

Joy and Crush’s dating news flooded the newspapers…

..especially while she’s promoting with Red Velvet

On the next day of August 24 and August 25, I thought YG would continue to give more information about the expected debut of the BLACKPINK maknae, but YG was… silent. While fans are still waiting for a little more “hearing” from Lisa and YG, the social network continues to “explode” before the scandal of another SM artist, Lucas (NCT/WayV).

Lucas is the next SM artist to be in trouble

Accordingly, the guy was constantly revealed by the “ex-girlfriend association” about his secret dating with fans. Not only was the sensitive text messages published, Lucas was also released a series of intimate photos drinking with his girlfriend or sleeping. In addition, those who “revealed” also revealed that the NCT member used to speak ill of colleagues, refused to participate in the show because of fatigue, asked for his girlfriend, etc.

Intimate image of Lucas with his girlfriend…

… gradually revealed

Finally, on the afternoon of August 25, Lucas officially wrote a handwritten apology to fans, group members and the company for causing a series of mistakes and irresponsible behavior. Thus, Lucas’s scandal “occupies” all fronts. Kpop fans quickly searched for information related to the “boy” guy and every move of Lucas and SM. And just like that, Lisa was once again “stuck in the spotlight”.

Lucas wrote a handwritten letter apologizing for his troubles

The series of controversies of SM artists have “captured” attention on Lisa’s solo debut

It can be said that YG’s habit of using “Mars calendar”, plus the controversy related to a series of celebrities in the past time have made Lisa’s solo debut not attract the attention as expected. According to information from Korean media, her solo debut has been carefully prepared, even the MV has been filmed and MelOn herself has confirmed that she will debut in August. But 2 months have passed. through what received in return were just rumors. Then, when she was released the poster, many days in a row were a series of shocking scandals from other hot names of Kpop.

And netizens, you know, what’s sensational is often more anticipated, so it partly affects Lisa’s debut. However, now it can be somewhat reassuring when the official date of Lisa’s solo has been set as September 10. Now fans just need to “pray” so that from now on, no more big scandals will break out to win the spotlight with their idols!

Lisa will officially release her first solo single album on September 10

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