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Lisa’s album reached 700 thousand pre-orders after 4 days, breaking Rosé’s record and preparing for BLACKPINK to “smell the smoke”.

In just 4 days, Lisa broke the album pre-order record in the Kpop female solo artist segment.

On August 31, YG Entertainment announced the number of pre- orders for Lisa ‘s single album LALISA . Accordingly, the first solo music product of the Thai female idol reached 700 thousand pre-order copies after only 4 days of opening for sale.

Lisa’s solo album has only been on sale for 4 days but has already reached 700,000 pre-orders

With this achievement, Lisa has become a solo female artist with the most pre-ordered albums in Kpop history. The previous record belonged to Rosé . The single album -R- of main vocal BLACKPINK recorded pre-orders exceeding 500 thousand copies, but now she has to give up to her bandmate.


… broke Rosé’s pre-order record in the Kpop female solo artist segment

Not only surpassing Rosé to set an album pre-order record in the Kpop solo female segment, Lisa also tried to threaten BLACKPINK’s achievements. YG once announced THE ALBUM – BLACKPINK’s first full album to hit 800,000 pre-orders globally within 1 week. However, Lisa alone has collected 700 thousand pre-order copies after only 4 days, completely able to exceed the number of album pre-orders that the group has set up before.

BLACKPINK’s THE ALBUM pre-order record is being threatened by Lisa

Notably, this number continues to increase when there are more orders from Southeast Asia, the US, Japan, China, Korea, Europe, etc. The youngest member of BLACKPINK will officially release the single album ” LALISA” on October 10. 9, let’s wait and see how many album copies Lisa “closes” by then!

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