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The heated controversy suspected that Jennie (BLACKPINK) intentionally revealed her injury 5 times 7 times, the story is really touching!

Many netizens believe that Jennie (BLACKPINK) intentionally revealed her leg injury to explain a series of lazy scandals. But the truth is not so?

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Jennie ( BLACKPINK ) is the second hottest female star today, both the number 1 IT Girl in Kpop, and an all-powerful idol when she can sing, rap, and dance brilliantly. But most recently, netizens have raised a controversy about whether Jennie accidentally or intentionally revealed her injury to “color” or not.

Many netizens believe that the female idol intentionally revealed her injury from the stage until taking pictures with BLACKPINK backstage, going to the airport or even when livestreaming with fans. This action is considered by many netizens to be an excuse after Jennie was caught in the scandal of being lazy to dance

During the late-night livestream at the studio, Jennie used to use crutches to move. This image caused global fans to waver, feeling sorry for Jennie because she suffered a severe injury

Even Jennie had to use crutches at the event. However, this situation is now considered “colorful” by netizens.

On stage, Jennie once fell and twisted her leg, but she still suppressed the pain and continued to perform

It was only when the behind-the-scenes photos were revealed by the dancers that people were shocked to see that because of a fall, Jennie had suffered a pretty serious injury and had to be bandaged like this. Who would have thought that this image is now being taken by antifans to target Jennie to accuse her of intentionally revealing her injury.

That’s why Jennie was accused of being lazy to dance during the group’s concert

However, after this controversy broke out, the Blink community in particular and the majority of Kpop fans in general defended the female idol. In fact, when having an injury, Jennie is always the one to carefully hide her injury, even showing a positive attitude and deliberately smiling as if nothing happened to reassure fans.

Jennie’s first lazy dance scandal took place in 2018, at the time when BLACKPINK was doing the In Your Area World Tour . There have been many fancams pointing out that Jennie has more superficial and less powerful choreography than other members. However, fans pointed out that the reason was because Jennie fell and twisted her leg right on stage. The female idol even reassured fans that she was fine, not using the injury to justify it. In the behind-the-scenes photo posted by the dancer, Jennie revealed her bandaged foot.

Even though she broke her ankle before, Jennie not only did not complain, but even went on Instagram to reassure fans: “I’m fine. Good night Blinks, see you tomorrow. Thank you for your support. make today very special.”

In 2020, people were on fire when Jennie had to use crutches during the livestream and go to the event. To fans’ concerns, Jennie explained that she just accidentally slipped and injured her ankle and ligament. B ất accept foot pain, Jennie still wear heels and professional styling at events. The picture of her using crutches is behind the scenes, taken and posted by fans.


Despite revealing the image on crutches backstage, Jennie still wore high heels and posed very professionally when taking official photos at the event so that fans or the audience could not see the injury. If only looking at this picture, no one would think that Jennie has a leg pain, and the image of using crutches is just behind the scenes taken by fans

During the promotion of How You Like That, Pretty Savage , Jennie was once again suspected of being lazy to dance due to her slightly different and out of step movements with the members. But also once again, Jennie was vindicated. She wore socks and high-heeled shoes to hide the ankle band, and had to look closely enough for fans to notice. The female idol has never once complained, using the reason of injury to justify the suspicion of being lazy to dance.

Jennie tried to hide it but fans were able to spot her ankle bandage in the choreography MV How You Like That

On stage, Jennie also wore high boots to hide the bandage. Dancing with sore ankles is really not easy

Jennie is suspected of continuing to be lazy to dance during her first full album promotions

Finally, Jennie was able to prove that she is not lazy to dance. The images showing the injury are mainly taken by fans by chance, not by the female idol herself to get sympathy. The story of Jennie’s sincere heart, silently devoted to the stage and fans, touched the audience.

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