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All have been deceived by YG: The melody teased in the teaser of Lisa (BLACKPINK) is not the new song LALISA?

Hearing that, but not so, the "network detectives" immediately found the original song that was teased in the teaser of Lisa (BLACKPINK).

Lisa (BLACKPINK) solo debut is an event that Kpop fans are paying attention to this September. On the evening of August 31, the second visual teaser for Lisa’s first single album ” LALISA” was officially released.


2nd visual teaser for Lisa’s single album LALISA

In the 21-second clip, in addition to Lisa’s new, hip-hop image, fans can also listen to a piece of music that is somewhat ghostly and catchy. The melody possesses fast-paced beats, increasing the dramatic part of the song. Everyone thought that this was a part of Lisa’s new song. But no, the harsh truth is that this is actually the background music of another song called Trapped In My Nightmares by WEARETHEGOOD.


The song Trapped In My Nightmares by WEARETHEGOOD

This information has been confirmed on BLACKPINK’s official TikTok page. I have to admit that YG’s team chose the music really well. WEARETHEGOOD’s Trapped In My Nightmares fits perfectly in Lisa’s magical and “excellent” teaser video, making the teaser even more attractive to viewers.

The background music in Lisa’s 2nd visual teaser is the song Trapped In My Nightmares

The music is chosen very cleverly, matching the cool visuals and the ghostly scene in the teaser

Lisa will officially make her solo debut on September 10. More surprises are still ahead until the official LALISA product is launched.

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