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Lisa is really “going to work”: Show off her long legs to get rid of 7749 “memes”, fans let them swing around the world

Lisa's fans have released a set of humorous photos recreated from the "newly released" poster.

At exactly 10 pm on September 1 (local time), YG continued to “release the chain” for Lisa ‘s upcoming debut with a very cool poster. The youngest member of BLACKPINK continues to “catch the hearts” of fans with a daring chain swing design and a seductive and alluring black outfit from head to toe. Accordingly, Lisa will have a countdown live one hour before the official release of the MV LALISA on September 10.

Lisa continues to make fans nauseous with a new poster

Excited, excited and looking forward, that must be the feelings of the BLACKPINK fan community in general and Lisa’s fans in particular in recent days. Looking at the poster again and again, fans must have loved Lisa to prepare for this highly anticipated debut without any time to rest. Because they love idols so much and love their long legs, fans immediately “take idols to travel around the world” like this:

Lisa, let’s go to Ben Tre in the West of the river “chill”

Go visit Big Ben clock tower too!

Or do you like the romantic Eiffel Tower?

If you’re too tired, fly out of the Earth…

.Playing swing with Rosé is so much fun

Better go save the world!

This move of the fan must be that Lisa herself could not have expected it. Even netizens have to be amazed at the “salty” level of these fans:

– People’s posters are so cool, but what are you guys doing so weird?

– What a cruel mother, there is only one poster that lets my sister fly to space.

– Why does no one match Tarzan, I like Tarzan.

– Oh my gosh, laugh. That means the chest.

– Then it became a trend!

– Oh, my sister, what are you doing? Do you know how funny that is? Sorry, Lisa.

– I’m so tired of this fandom. Don’t let Lisa see.

This must be the owner’s feelings when he sees his original poster being recreated like this

Lisa’s single LALISA will be officially released at 11 am on September 10 (local time). With her special charm, this debut of Lisa promises to create the strongest Kpop fever this year.


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