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Lisa hasn’t debuted yet, but BLACKPINK has revealed a new song: The color is different from previous hits, will there be a breakthrough?

An audio version that is said to be a demo of BLACKPINK's new song is going viral.

While fans are counting down the days to look forward to Lisa ‘s solo debut , recently, an audio version that is said to be a demo of BLACKPINK ‘s new song is being widely spread by the fan community. The comeback date has not been seen yet, but the music has been leaked like this, making everyone extremely interested.

A demo of BLACKPINK’s new song is being passed around

In the playlist is quite similar to the interface on Spotify, besides previously released hits such as How You Like That (JP ver), Ice Cream (JP ver), Pretty Savage (JP ver),…, fans can easily recognize new names like For Now , Come Alive or Last Time .

However, the Come Alive demo that is being widely spread is performed by the voice of Madison Love, the author of the song ” Sour Candy” – a collaboration product between BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga in May 2020.


Come Alive – Madison Love

Come Alive ‘s bold US-UK music color combined with the excellent voice of the American female musician makes fans extremely excited. Although it is still a Pop song, it can be seen that the color is quite strange compared to the previous hits of the YG girl group. If this song is really chosen by BLACKPINK to debut, this will be a “breakthrough” step in the musical thinking of the 4 girls as they constantly renew themselves with quality products.

The song will be a “breakthrough” step in the 4 girls’ musical thinking

Fans are also constantly leaving comments regarding this demo:

– This song suits Jennie’s voice very well, I hope the group will consider releasing it.

– The beat is so good, it’s the right US-UK color.

– This is something I’ve been waiting for from BLACKPINK for a long time, bold US-UK color, a great innovation, I’m looking forward to this comeback more and more!

– Oh my gosh, that’s great, just my taste.

– Listen to the real book, hope BLACKPINK will release this song, guaranteed to be a hit.


Fans hope this song will be released

Before that, fans also passed on an audio track that is said to be a draft of the song ” Ready For Love” – the song that is said to be the product of BLACKPINK’s next comeback.


Fans have also passed on the song “Ready For Love” which is said to be from BLACKPINK

Although YG has yet to make any move on the comeback time of the 4 girls, the demos are being passed around like this, making fans look forward to the full gathering of BLACKPINK in the nearest day. .

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