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Hypothesis about 3 announced teasers of Lisa (BLACKPINK): Water, fire, and air are all available, what element will be next?

Many people quickly discovered the connection in 3 teasers of Lisa (BLACKPINK).

On September 2, netizens continued to be confused when YG officially released the 3rd teaser to introduce Lisa ‘s solo debut . The image of a BLACKPINK member hanging on a rope floating on the water with bare feet, with long black hair, seductive, and top-notch charisma has made fans stand still, looking forward to enjoying it day and night. Lisa’s solo debut.


With the third teaser, Lisa’s rope swing with a lake below made fans think of the element that the female idol wanted to mention.

More specifically, after watching the 3rd video introducing Lisa’s solo debut, fans discovered an interesting point. If you combine Lisa’s 3 teasers, it will be easy to recognize the effects or phenomena created in the context of the video, which are closely related to the elements of fire, air and water. Is it just a coincidence or is there a conspiracy theory with some message?

Is the 3rd teaser Lisa wants to send to viewers related to the element of water?

In the first teaser, Lisa has a powerful appearance with pink lightning that lights up 3 times in the clip. Many people have assumed that the lightning has the meaning of creating fire around Lisa.


The lightning also has the meaning of creating fire around Lisa

Lisa’s first teaser appeared in the clip with pink lightning flashing 3 times

Continuing to drop “hints” in the second trailer on August 31, Lisa with her long black hair stood in the middle of a hazy space filled with smoke like flying mists. It is these signs that make fans immediately think of the gaseous elements.


Lisa with long black hair personality, standing in the middle of a dim space filled with smoke like flying mists

The online community, after stringing together the interesting details in Lisa’s teaser, has predicted whether the 4th video that YG may be about to release will continue to be a certain image related to the earth element. There are even some rumors that Lisa shot the MV in the desert. Until now, everything has not been confirmed clearly, let’s wait for Lisa’s next teaser to see if these speculations are really accurate!

Some people have left comments on social media:

– After Lisa releases teaser, BLINK will become detectives.

– Elemental players.

– That’s right because yesterday I suddenly thought that teaser 1 was thunder and lightning, although teaser 2 didn’t understand, teaser 3 had that water.

– That’s reasonable!

-There must be a teaser, but I haven’t heard any music yet.

– There was a rumor the other day that they were filming in the desert.

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