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After all, how long is Lisa’s legs, but whenever Kpop has a standard figure, the long leg that is the youngest member of BLACKPINK is drawn into comparison?

Extremely long legs are often skillfully shown by owner Lisa (BLACKPINK) in her products.

The Kpop market owns a series of female idols with extremely good physique. They not only conquered fans with their singing, rapping or dancing talents, but also attracted all eyes thanks to their long legs on performance stages or in comeback products. I don’t know who has the longest legs in Kpop, but once someone is impressed by the legs that are considered the best, the name Lisa ( BLACKPINK ) is immediately drawn for comparison.

Lisa’s long legs have become the “standard” of Kpop female idols for some time

A series of beauties often appear with the nicknames “extremely long legs” such as Hyomin (T-ara), Nana (After School), Wonyoung (IZ * ONE), Sowon (GFRIEND) … are compared. compared to Lisa.


… Sowon…

… Nana…

… Wonyoung is in the long-legged group of Kpop

Owning a height of 1m67, a figure that is not completely outstanding compared to Kpop female idols, but Lisa’s legs are always noticed. It is not clear how much the youngest member of BLACKPINK has a foot length measurement, but looking at her on stage, in MVs or in everyday photos, her legs are always in the spotlight. Many fans often estimate that Lisa is 1m67 tall, her legs must be 1 meter long! However, the actual number has never been announced.


Lisa’s latest teaser clip for her debut with LALISA thoroughly showed off her amazing long legs

Lisa’s legs take the spotlight while swinging in the air

As a talented main dancer with recognized dance skills of Kpop, Lisa also knows how to take advantage of showing off her extremely long legs. Lisa constantly wears costumes that show off her legs and impressive dance steps. There was once a Lili’s Film 3 that took the whole social network by storm with Lisa’s sexy dance moves with many movements showing off her “over-screen” legs.


Lisa’s Lili’s Film 3 used to be very famous for her moves to show off her long legs that wanted to “fill the screen”

Maybe not the tallest person in BLACKPINK but Lisa definitely has the most impressive and long legs

Long and straight legs 10 quality points

… until now, Lisa’s legs have become a “measurement” for Kpop female idols alone

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