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Posting 9 icons on the story, so this is how Rosé (BLACKPINK) dropped a “hint” about Lisa’s solo debut?

Rosé released a very special "hint" about Lisa's upcoming song through just a few icons. And fans have already speculated.

Fans these days are looking forward to every second, to the day when they can enjoy Lisa ‘s solo song . As an event that attracts the attention of fans all over the world, every detail related to Lisa’s solo debut has always been of great interest to everyone.

Recently, on September 3, netizens accidentally discovered an extremely interesting detail related to BLACKPINK member’s new song , and none other than Rosé “guided” fans to be a detective. . Specifically, on September 2, Rosé posted a story about the teaser video 3 in Lisa’s new song. Not only promoting her close friend on social networks, besides, the On The Ground vocalist also used 9 mysterious icons that are said to be referring to the content of Lisa’s song.

Rosé posted a story about the video teaser 3 in Lisa’s new song, what do the other 9 icons mean?


Video teaser 3 of Lisa (BLACKPINK)

Through Rosé’s story, the internet “detectives” quickly answered that the icons that the singer posted on the story have the same meaning as telling about Lisa’s life. In order from left to right, the icons seem to be telling a story. As fans speculate, the specifics are as follows:

The first heart image is to say that Lisa has a great love for Kpop, that’s why she excellently defeated many strong opponents to become a YG trainee, and that’s also the idea. meaning in the second key icon that Rosé mentioned. Next, the chess piece symbol is referring to Lisa starting her dream as a little girl. Thereby, the flag showed that the BLACKPINK member traveled thousands of miles from Thailand to Korea.

Lisa had to go through a long and arduous road to achieve success, becoming the top female idol of Kpop as it is today with the image of a flange. Finally, her best friend did not forget to mention that Lisa earns a lot of money through the dragonfly symbol and is the mother of cats with a black pet symbol.

The icons that Rosé posted on the story are guessed by fans to have meaning as if they are telling about Lisa’s life

The best friend did not forget to mention the story of Lisa earning a lot of money and being the mother of cats

Rosé is good at giving such meaningful symbols, the BLINKs can deduce into a story even better. Even though I know it’s all speculation from fans, if it’s really true, I have to admit that Rosé’s ability to use icons to tell the story is “not the right one”.

If it is true what is stated, then it must be admitted that Rosé’s ability to use icons to tell the story is “not the right kind”

Some fans left comments:

Does the explanation make sense?

– It’s hard to even think of it.

– Haha awesome!

– It’s interesting.

-I read the whole thing without missing a word until the last word…

– Have you ever taken Lisa’s cat to the MV?

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