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I knew that Lisa had extremely long legs but didn’t expect her body proportions to be more than gold

K-Pop fans still praise Lisa for her long legs, beautiful body proportions, so she looks much taller than 1m67. But few people expect Lisa to have a more standard body proportion than the golden number, a rare commodity in the world, not only Asians.

In the past, Lisa was still ranked in the group of idols with the best body in K-Pop even though her height was not in the top . Lisa is 1m67 tall, but everyone guesses that she is over 1m70 because of her super long and straight legs.

Knet often said that Lisa has good body proportions like Sailor Moon. But it turns out that if measured carefully, Lisa’s ratio is more ideal than the gold index.

Anthropometricians often rely on head-to-body ratio to score physique. They will measure the length of the head and the height from the heel to the top of the head, from which the golden ratio is 1:8 (that is, the height is 8 times the length of the head). But most Asians are only 1:6 or 1:6.5. Many Asian stars have a touch ratio of 1:7 or 1:7.5 which is also very beautiful.

According to netizens who measured Lisa’s unedited photos, the body ratio of the youngest member BLACKPINK is up to 1:8 or slightly more, which means that it has reached the golden ratio and belongs to an extremely rare group.

Lisa also has a small skeleton, head circumference, and a small face, so she looks even more slender and tall.

Thanks to such a rare beautiful body, Lisa was given the most confusing outfits by the BLACKPINK stylist . Simply because with a standard body, Lisa is easy to wear whatever she wears.

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