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Top 5 best-selling girl groups of all time: SNSD competes for 1st place with TWICE, BLACKPINK, a disbanded group is still in the top

Which is the Kpop girl group with the most album sales in Kpop history?

The number of albums sold is an important achievement that not only brings in revenue for an artist but also demonstrates the power of the fandom. The track of album sales in the female segment is not as exciting as in the male segment, but the impressive million copies have also partly proved the group’s position. Let’s take a look at the top 5 girl groups with the biggest total album sales in Kpop of all time on Gaon Chart – Korea’s national music chart.

5. Red Velvet
Debuting in 2014, Red Velvet has spent 7 years working. The SM girl group has regularly released albums except for 2020 which is completely “frozen” because of a series of incidents. The group has released about 14 large and small albums and sold more than 1,722,780 album copies on Gaon. In particular, Red Velvet’s best-selling album is Queendom – the group’s comeback product after 1 year and 8 months. The group’s new album released on August 16, 2021 has sold 218,300 copies.

Red Velvet ranked 5th on the list, highlighting the achievements of the latest album Queendom


MV Queendom – Red Velvet

IZ*ONE is the only group in the top 5 that is no longer active. Debuting at the end of 2018, during their short career, IZ*ONE has sold more than 2,078,371 albums on Gaon. The representative of the 4th generation showed the strength of a group selected after Produce48 . The best-selling album is Oneiric Diary (more than 559.1 thousand copies). The album was released on June 15, 2020 with the title song ” Secret Story Of The Swan” .IZ*ONE is the only 4th gen group to reach the top with impressive album sales in just 3 years of operation

Secret Story Of The Swan – IZ*ONE

If IZ * ONE is the only representative of the 4th generation, then SNSD is the only 2nd generation group to reach the top 5. Currently, although SNSD is no longer active, the group’s achievements have been achieved in the whole 1 year. The long process is still strong enough to be next to the juniors. Debuting on August 5, 2007, in 15 years of career, SNSD has sold more than 2,366,447 albums on Gaon. In particular, The Boys is the album with the largest sales volume with more than 464 thousand copies sold.

The Boys is the most successful album of SNSD’s career


MV The Boys – SNSD

BLACKPINK finished second on the album sales front. Although in 5 years of operation, the group has not had many comebacks and has only released 1 full album called The Album in 2020, but the number that BLACKPINK has achieved has reached 2,404,852 copies on Gaon. With The Album alone , BLACKPINK has pocketed the achievement of 1.36 million copies. This is the first Korean album of a Kpop girl group to reach million copies in sales.BLACKPINK finished second with the outstanding achievement of The Album


MV Lovesick Girls – BLACKPINK

The first place named TWICE with a completely different number from 2nd place is BLACKPINK. Debuting in 2015, up to now, the JYP girl group has sold 5,782,237 copies on Gaon. In which, the best-selling album is More & More with more than 583.9 thousand copies. TWICE is known for being an extremely hard-working group with frequent comebacks. Besides, the album sales have also proved that the group has possessed a huge fan base.


MV More & More – TWICE

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