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Clip: Lisa “trying to pretend she’s fine” because of the stage incident, alone still occupies the spotlight of BLACKPINK

Lisa (BLACKPINK) proved her stage bravery when suddenly becoming a "victim" of a technical error at the concert.

Recently, fans have dug up the moment when BLACKPINK encountered a technical problem on stage, which greatly affected the performance of the 4 girls. Specifically, during the In Your Area tour held in Hamilton, Canada in April 2019, the technical team “forgot” Lisa in the last part of the Forever Young performance, making the audience extremely confused.


Forever Young – BLACKPINK

Accordingly, while performing this song, Lisa’s stand suddenly encountered an accident and was not raised like the other 3 members, causing her to perform in a state of confusion, deviating from the lineup.

Lisa’s stand suddenly had a problem and was not raised like the other 3 members

However, the main dancer of the BLACKPINK family still proved her stage bravery when she did not mind the incident and continued to perform professionally. Fans also joked that she took the spotlight of BLACKPINK when she performed “alone”, optimistic among the backup dancers.



Lisa proves her stage bravery when there is an unexpected incident

Her moment of “trying to be fine” was praised by the audience. However, there are also many fans of the YG girl group who criticize the unprofessional technical department:

– Lisa is really born for the stage, without panic or embarrassment, but her aura is top-notch!

– I’m the brightest tonight, everyone, all eyes are on Lisa.

– Even if you can’t be lifted, you still dance very well, it’s not easy to drown you!

– It’s a mistake to see how professional Lisa is.

– Bored of the real stage, ask the technical team to do better.

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