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BLACKPINK is really “the queen of nails”, every time she puts up a poster, she hides her pretty face and gives it the spotlight

The nails that "go to the heart" often occupy the spotlight of BLACKPINK in a series of teaser photos.

Not only having quality music products, BLACKPINK also gives fans beautiful and captivating images in a series of comeback poster photos. There is an unmistakable feature of the BLACKPINK members in the posters, which are the sets of “pitious claws”.

The first thing that catches the eye of the viewer will definitely be the nails, just like “look at my nail, wow so beautiful honey”! (A famous saying on social networks, roughly translated: Look at my nails, they are very beautiful, aren’t they) .

Nails, nails and nails, which always attract attention in BLACKPINK’s products

In the poster for her solo debut with LALISA , the Thai female idol did not forget to bring the specialty of a pitiful nail set to attract viewers’ attention. Moreover, Lisa also posed to respect 10 beautiful fingers studded with sparkling stones, it was not clear whether Lisa was the main character or her nails. But admittedly, Lisa’s nail set has contributed to the elegance and attractiveness of the poster.

isa’s latest poster during LALISA’s solo promotions

Rosé’s solo debut with On The Ground also has a poster that attracts attention thanks to the unique “purple looking for sim” nail set. Besides the rings made of purple ton sur ton flowers, Rosé’s gentleness but no less personality is clearly revealed.

Rosé’s purple nail set in On The Ground

It’s so beautiful to have a manicure today, so I have to show it off!

Previously, the BLACKPINK sisters also invited each other to show off their beautiful and artistic nails in the series of How You Like That posters . Fans have the opportunity to have a cheap moment with their tired idol, not sure if BLACKPINK is promoting a new song or is a brand representative for any nail brand.

Jennie’s once-perfect nails in How You Like That

Jennie is just making her nails look expensive

Lisa also quickly covered her face to save the spotlight for her pretty fingers

Jisoo’s nail set is extremely harmonious with the overall poster, love it!

Covering her face with her hair, is Jisoo going to play a faint supporting role for her fancy nails?

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