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Lisa just released the MV, BLACKPINK immediately beat Justin Bieber to become the number 1 artist in the world in this field

A day with lots of good news for the BLACKPINK fan community.

Lisa has just debuted with her first solo MV LALISA in less than an hour, BLACKPINK fans around the world continue to receive good news: The YouTube channel of the YG girl group has officially reached 65.1 million subscribers. This means: BLACKPINK has officially become the artist with the most YouTube channel followers worldwide!

Specifically, with 65.1 million followers, BLACKPINK thereby also brought in a total channel view of more than 19.3 billion views. With the great effect from Lisa’s solo debut, surely the YouTube channel’s stats will continue to skyrocket.

BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel currently has over 65.1 million followers with a total view of more than 19.3 billion across the channel, an impressive number.

Before Lisa set the record, Justin Bieber was the one who kept the achievement of the artist “holding” YouTube followers for many years. Currently, the Canadian “Pop Prince” also has 65.1 million followers, but in odd numbers, BLACKPINK has already surpassed it.

Justin Bieber’s YouTube channel is just as “terrible” as BLACKPINK, it can rise up at any time

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s formidable “rival” BTS is in 3rd place with a following of 57.6 million for the group’s own YouTube channel (BANGTAN TV). The YouTube channel to upload the main MVs of the group HYBE LABELS is also behind BLACKPINK with 61.1 million subscribers.


(Updated: 12:30 p.m. September 10, 2021)

01. BLACKPINK (65.1 million)

02. Justin Biber (65.1 million)

03. BTS (57.6 million)

04. Marshmello (53.8 million)

05. Ariana Grande (49.6 million)

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