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Lisa (BLACKPINK) made her solo debut with 1.1 million premiere views, but still hasn’t broken the record of a member of the group!

Lisa officially debuted solo with MV LALISA

At exactly 11 am on September 10, fans around the world went crazy with Lisa ‘s first solo album (BLACKPINK). After many days of teasing from posters and trailers, netizens finally saw Lisa’s explosive performance in the first album.



The MV is a very catchy song “Say Lalisa love me Lalisa love me ” with a chorus of Lisa’s character. Right at the time of release, this MV has brought Lisa more than 1.1 million premiere views, a huge number.

LALISA hits 1.1 million premiere viewership

However, this achievement of Lisa is still not enough to surpass another member’s solo album in BLACKPINK. That is Rosé with the song ” On The Ground” released in early 2021. On The Ground has had an impressive achievement when it received 1.2 million premiere views. This achievement has set a record for Rosé as the artist with the MV with the largest premiere views in the world.

Currently, MV LALISA is still increasing in views rapidly, maybe Lisa can surpass other artists in other achievements after 24 hours of release. Let’s wait and see.

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