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“In a nutshell” Rosé (BLACKPINK) went to try on clothes in the US, officially becoming the first Kpop idol to attend the biggest event on the planet Met Gala

The beauty of Rosé (BLACKPINK) in a series of photos taken by a family photographer in a hurry in the US made people feel uneasy.

Since a few days, there have been rumors on social networks that Rosé ( BLACKPINK ) is currently in the US to prepare to attend the biggest event on the planet Met Gala . Although there was a stir, people couldn’t help but sell doubt because there were no pictures of Rosé in the US.

However, on the evening of September 12 (Vietnam time), photographer Miles Diggs was uploading a photo of the female idol with the caption “Rosé of BLACKPINK was spotted in New York, just left a fitting session with Saint Laurent before the day of the wedding. take place the Met Gala”. Immediately, this image made netizens feverish, constantly talking about the information that Rosé would attend the Met Gala terrible event, and at the same time whispered about her beautiful beauty, top-notch body, and small waist. to the magic of “Australian rose”.

In the midst of the dazzling flash, Rosé’s beauty still shines even though only her forehead and eyes are revealed. Blonde hair and fair skin make the female idol look like a living doll

Still knowing that Rosé’s second round is only 48cm, but people are still shocked at how small it is. This waist helps to highlight the perfect body, the charming hip curve of the main vocalist . Some people even think that Rosé’s waist is smaller than the leg of her pants

Elle Magazine Thailand confirmed that Rosé is preparing to attend the biggest fashion event on the planet Met Gala 2021

Thus, Rosé will become the first BLACKPINK member as well as the first Kpop idol to attend the most prestigious fashion event on the planet Met Gala. This fashion “party” will officially take place at 5:30 pm on September 13, US time (4:30 am on September 14 in Vietnam time) and be livestreamed live on the homepage and Twitter of Vogue magazine .

The most eye-catching fashion party of the year will be hosted by four young faces: actor Timothée Chalamet, singer Billie Eilish, poet Amanda Gorman and tennis player Naomi Osaka. Designer Tom Ford, Adam Mosseri or Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour will be the honorary hosts.

Rosé is the first Kpop idol to attend the Met Gala

Fans are looking forward to the most spectacular event on the planet

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