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few people know that Lisa shot a rapping in Thai in the solo MV?

In addition to Korean and English, Lisa brought her mother tongue into her solo debut song without anyone noticing?

The LALISA fever is taking over social networks because of the “top of the top” debut from the youngest member of BLACKPINK at noon on September 10. From fans to Vietnamese and international artists, everyone is excited about her diverse concept MV.

MV LALISA has really shown Lisa ‘s personal personality , especially that she has put a lot of images of the “Golden Pagoda” culture into this music product. From costumes, music to dance, the international fan community was very impressed with the way Thai culture was incorporated into the song. But in addition to the above factors, did you find out that Lisa also… rap Thai in the MV?


Lisa rapping Thai in Lalisa MV? (Source: Multilingual Psychiatric Camp 0.2)

For those who have not heard the original song LALISA, when they see this video, they will probably immediately “believe” because of its unbelievable match. However, this is just a fan collage. Using the music of LALISA , fans have added an intro familiar to those who love Thai movies.

Matching Lisa’s rap from the original

This Thai part is not in the MV but was put together by a fan

The Thai segment included in the video is the age-restricted notice for TV programs of the Golden Temple country. Even many people can recite this intro even though they have never studied Thai before. This is also considered as a “specialty” familiar to those who like to watch Thai movies.

Lisa’s MV puts a lot of Thai features into it, but the rap part above is not!

Before this funny video, netizens felt very surprised and excited because of its matching. Many fans even joked that watching the MV all day long was like “plowing the view” incorrectly because they didn’t recognize Thai rap idols. These fanmade products show the fans’ love for Lisa’s song and sometimes also help the MV become more known in the online community. Many fans are even more excited after watching the MV like this, the more motivation to “plow the view” for the idol:

– T leave, I’m so tired of laughing!

– Never noticed this.

– This is authentic Thai!

– If you listen to the Vietnamese version, the Thai version before the original, what to do!

I don’t know if anyone has heard this song.

Let ‘s check it again through the LALISA MV of the youngest Lisa!


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