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After a few dozen seconds, the Met Gala raged, Rosé (BLACKPINK) was elegant, but exposed a dozen defects: Looking at her limbs, panicking!

Rosé (BLACKPINK)'s appearance in the first appearance at the most prestigious event on the planet caused controversy.

After many days of waiting, finally the biggest fashion event on the planet Met Gala has officially taken place today. This eye-catching fashion “party” gathers a series of cult stars of the fashion and entertainment world. Fans are also especially looking forward to the appearance of Rosé (BLACKPINK) , she is the first Kpop idol to attend this prestigious event.

The images of Rosé coming out of the hotel, preparing to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and posing at the event have made people crazy. In just 8 seconds, Rosé was enough to cause chaos in the New York neighborhood, making people crowded. Indeed, not ashamed of the beautiful “Australian rose”, the female idol appeared with a very fresh and sweet visual, despite even wearing a tight mask. Worth mentioning, Rosé’s body makes people feel hot because it looks like a willow leaf, so thin that it’s boneless, and her legs and arms are so small that it looks like she’s about to break. The female idol was also disappointing because her outfit was faded , not “cut and slashed” to make history at the biggest event on the planet as expected.

Coming to the biggest fashion “party”, Rosé paired with Anthony Vaccarello – the creative director of the luxury brand she is representing. Indeed, with her bright blonde hair and bright smile, Rosé’s beauty shines absolutely

However, when zooming to Rosé’s feet, people couldn’t help but feel fire

Rosé’s legs are long but thin as if they’re about to break, her bony knees are also visible

People couldn’t help but sigh when Rosé wore a dress that was too simple and faded at the launch of the biggest fashion event on the planet. This dress has even been worn by the female idol in a magazine before

Rosé’s 8 seconds of rioting with a show of beauty at the Met Gala

Rosé caused a commotion in the streets, people jostled to witness her appearance

Rosé stuns with the standard appearance and body of a “living doll”, blonde hair and bright white skin make her beauty even more unreal. But look at the arm…

… and the thin legs of the BLACKPINK member, people can’t help but get heartbroken

The female idol’s long legs make fans unable to take their eyes off her, but it’s shocking in the near corner because she’s so thin that she’s about to break

However, the appearance of “big sister” CL surprised people the most because she did not reveal any “hints”. Turns out Rosé is not the only female Kpop idol attending this year’s Met Gala


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