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Lisa’s real beauty behind the scenes of solo MV: 100%

The series of moments showing off Lisa's true beauty in the behind-the-scenes video is being shared widely by people.

In recent days, Lisa ( BLACKPINK ) has shocked global fans with her first solo MV Lalisa . In addition to the explosive music, the “international sister” also treated a “party” of top-notch visuals, ecstatically beautiful. “Cutting and slashing” like that, so it’s no wonder that the name Lisa caused such a storm on social networks. The more epic the MV, the more fans look forward to behind-the-scenes footage of the youngest BLACKPINK. Responding to fans’ expectations, Lisa immediately released videos recording the process of implementing the terrible project. Through this, fans have the opportunity to witness firsthand the true beauty of the youngest “Hac Huong”.

In this video, the female idol is extremely beautiful, natural, radiant with only light makeup. The female idol’s face, born in 1997, is beautiful and sharp, with smooth skin, sparkling double eyelids, just like the nickname “living doll”. Even when she takes off her makeup and leaves her face 100% bare, the youngest BLACKPINK is still very fresh and full of life. It is worth mentioning that when lifting her bangs to bleach her hair, Lisa revealed the “airport forehead” disadvantage. This is also one of the shortcomings that make the “Thai princess” feel self-deprecating many times.

As soon as the behind-the-scenes video was released, fans competed to “peel” Lisa’s true beauty

With light makeup, the youngest member of BLACKPINK is not only not drowned but also fresh and beautiful. Lisa’s radiant face shines brightly in every frame

Fans see a lovely Lisa, different from the usual personality image. Lisa’s slightly large nose bridge in the video broke the previous “cutlery” rumors

But when there is no lipstick, Lisa is a bit paler and more tired, but the inherent lines still make fans flutter.

When lifting billions of bangs, the “international sister” revealed the “airport forehead” defect.

Although the eyes are still sharp, the “airport forehead” defect has “dipped” Lisa’s beauty a lot, and that’s why Lisa always wears bangs.

It’s rare for a female idol born in 1997 to pull her hair back to reveal her forehead like this

Pale lips without makeup make Lisa look sharper than when she wore bold lipstick

But fans are still ecstatic with Lisa’s unedited behind-the-scenes moment during her solo debut

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