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YouTube confirms the record that Lisa is still being teased by “all Southeast Asian fans”, is the fan beating the counter evidence convincing?

Not only confirming LALISA's record of 24-hour views, YouTube also "bonus" an additional 3 million views for this MV.

On the morning of September 14, YouTube officially confirmed the views in the first 24 hours of the MV LALISA . Accordingly, the YouTube Records section has updated the view information of the MVs within 24 hours after its release. Lisa’s LALISA MV recorded 73.6 million views, an increase of more than 3 million views compared to the previous number of views displayed at 70.3 million.

The view of LALISA MV confirmed by YouTube Records is 73.6 million



According to this result, Lisa officially became a solo artist with the highest MV views in the first 24 hours in the world. At the same time, LALISA ranked 6th out of all artists worldwide.

Top 10 MVs with the most views in the first 24 hours on YouTube:
1. BTS – Butter : 108.2 million

2. BTS – Dynamite : 101.1 million

3. BLACKPINK – How You Like That : 86.3 million

4. BLACKPINK – Ice Cream (ft. Selena Gomez): 79.9 million

5. BTS – Boy With Luv (ft. Halsey): 74.6 million

6. LISA – LALISA : 73.6 million VND
7. BTS – Permission to Dance : 72.3 million

8. BTS – Life Goes On : 71.6 million VND

9. Taylor Swift – ME! (ft. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco): 65 million

10. BLACKPINK – Lovesick Girls – 64.1 million

Fans can’t help but be proud of LALISA ‘s new record on YouTube. However, because the number of views mainly comes from Southeast Asian countries, netizens “cheated” Lisa’s achievements, which did not reflect the world’s popularity. Not letting idols suffer such a discriminatory reputation, fans immediately “beat” Lisa’s top international achievements in the iTunes segment to protest. LALISA currently has reached the number 1 position of iTunes in 72 countries and territories. This is a record achievement for a current Kpop artist

LALISA ranked 1st in iTunes of 72 countries and regions

Netizen’s comment:

– YouTube loves Lisa so much, the bonus is 3 million.

– This solo achievement is hard to beat.

– Who doesn’t want a flop like Lisa.

– Who said that Lisa is only Southeast Asian fans here to talk.

– Southeast Asia has 72 countries and territories.

– If you look at iTunes’ achievements, but you can still criticize Lisa’s fans from all of Southeast Asia, then kneel.

– There is a low Korean achievement that criticizes Lisa for flop.

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