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For the first time in Met Gala history, there was a Saint Laurent Global Ambassador in attendance and it was Rosé!

The fact that the current Creative Director of Saint Laurent personally escorted Rosé to the Met Gala is very special!

The image of Rosé – a Korean idol, talented “trend-setter” and also a young star escorted by the creative director of Saint Laurent to the Met Gala 2021 is rare. In fact, it is very rare for an individual who holds the position of the head of this French fashion house to personally bring the representative face to participate in an event.

In a simple black dress with stylized bow accents from the brand’s winter 2021 collection, Rosé brings a safe and moderately luxurious image.

What is more special, during the 59 years since it was founded by “king” Yves Saint Laurent and after a few times of changing owners and changing names, this cult brand has not had any global brand representative. who attended the Met Gala. And Rosé is the only exception, at least for now.

Despite receiving mixed opinions about wearing old and unremarkable costumes to the Met Gala, the presence of main vocal group BLACKPINK is still appreciated by the online community.

Both Rosé and CL are two shining female idols and made the media spend many pages writing at this event

In June 2020, fans heard that Rosé officially held the position of Saint Laurent’s Global Brand Ambassador. After billions of gifts from the brand, the times when the female idol wore fashion house clothes along with countless “listening” performances of the two parties on social networks, Saint Laurent also received a nod from the young idol, hitting the mark. Meet the company’s first Global Ambassador milestone.

“Rose” BLACKPINK shared with Elle: “I still can’t believe I became a global ambassador representing the Saint Laurent brand. I think it’s really great. This is an honor for me. Anthony Vaccarello is also very close to me, I learned a lot from him, from creativity, professionalism to humanistic thinking, it is great to have the opportunity to work with such people.”

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