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The times Lisa met “rainstorm”: Suspicious plastic surgery, racism, most shocking was being cheated by management for billions

Despite knowing that the road to success is never rosy, the things that Lisa overcame seem to be more difficult than we think.

Five years after BLACKPINK’s debut, Lisa finally released her first solo album with a proud name – LALISA . The youngest BLACKPINK is currently a Kpop star standing in the top position in the world, but her journey to the glory is not easy. With every difficulty that Lisa overcomes, she has proven that she was, is, and will always be a shining star.

Lisa has experienced many “troubles” on her artistic path

Scammed by manager 1 billion won
Last year, there was news that Lisa’s former manager had cheated and appropriated up to 1 billion won (equivalent to 19 billion dong) from Lisa herself. This manager has been with Lisa since BLACKPINK’s debut, which makes the situation all the more serious and everyone is worried about Lisa’s spirit when her trust is betrayed so much.

The manager who has been with Lisa since debut is cheating on her

The manager told Lisa that he would help her invest in real estate, but in reality, the money that Lisa worked hard for was spent on gambling by him.

The manager uses Lisa’s money to gamble

Lisa is the only foreign member of BLACKPINK and has lived alone in Korea since she was very young, so she is easy to “fall into the spotlight” of scams. Facing this problem is not easy, especially the fact that the scammer is someone she trusts, but Lisa still overcomes strongly, making the most of 2020 to work hard and get back what has been lost. pass away. She even comforted fans and showed that she worked hard and put a lot more effort in her group and individual activities afterwards.

Lisa must have been very resilient to get through this shock

Allegations of plagiarism
In 2020, Lisa was also involved in a plagiarism controversy. Cierra Nichols, a choreographer, accused Lisa of plagiarizing the choreography in the LILI’s FILM #3 video to Mushroom Chocolate (QUIN, 6LACK).

Lisa was accused of plagiarism

Specifically, the female dancer posted many status lines and comments saying that the sexy, hot dance that Lisa showed in LILI’s FILM #3 , especially the opening part was taken from the dance video that Cierra Nichols posted. Downloaded 1 year ago


Video comparing Cierra Nichols and Lisa’s choreography in “LILI’s FILM #3”

However, after causing controversy, the female dancer officially apologized to Lisa, the choreographer of Lisa and YG Entertainment with the content that after careful consideration, the female dancer found that there are some similarities. between movements but there is no copying by the choreographer or Lisa.

After the controversy with Lisa, the female dancer officially apologized

Becoming a K-pop idol isn’t easy, and yet, non-Korean idols often face one barrier: discrimination based on background. As a female idol from Thailand, Lisa has overcome the controversy about her coming from a Southeast Asian country. Not only from the “only” one-member fans themselves, the media, but even industry insiders in Korea, there has always been a certain distinction since so many years.

Lisa has been a victim of racism many times

Every time someone tries to “take down” Lisa, she comes back stronger when the BLACKPINK members are by her side. In addition, BLINK (BLACKPINK’s fan community) has also sided with Lisa, regularly contacting YG Entertainment, posting requests with the words #RespectLisa on social networking sites such as Twitter… Friends of Lisa, such as GOT7’s BamBam , another Thai idol, also stood up to protect her.

BamBam is also the one to protect Lisa

Suspicion of plastic surgery
As an idol, Lisa has faced public scrutiny, enduring criticism for everything from her talent to her looks. Whenever rumors of plastic surgery appear, fans are quick to bring up photos from Lisa’s pre-debut days, confirming that BLACKPINK’s maknae has been pretty since childhood.

Lisa’s flawless beauty is being scrutinized again

Many photos of Lisa’s daily life prove her constant beauty

Many people believe that Lisa is inherently pretty since childhood

Experiencing a series of days of continuous effort
On Thanh Xuan With You 2 , Lisa wrote a letter to her fans about the difficulties she faced when she was a trainee. To debut, she had to go to a new country from an early age, learn a new language, and train for 5 years.

Lisa confided, ” I can totally understand all of you because I went through that experience too. When I was 14 years old, I wanted to be a singer… I left my hometown and went to a far away country. strange to be a trainee. I went through rigorous training and had to overcome the language barrier.”

Lisa opens up about her trainee days on Youth With You

Thereby, Lisa also encourages fans not to give up on their dreams. After all, she is living proof of her perseverance, hard work and determination to make her dreams come true.

After all, Lisa also successfully debuted with BLACKPINK

It can be said that Lisa’s success at the present time is not easy. Despite her talent, beauty and especially her efforts, Lisa still faces many difficulties on her artistic path. However, the youngest member of BLACKPINK does not give up because of that, on the contrary, with each difficulty she goes through, she increasingly shows her strength and resilience, asserting herself day by day. in a positive direction. Perhaps it is because of Lisa’s never-ending passion that makes fans constantly love and cherish.

Overcoming many difficulties, Lisa shines more and more

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