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Rating of individual fans of BLACKPINK on Melon: Jennie is not 1st, Jisoo is at the bottom of the list, but she is praised too much?

After the other members have all gone solo, now all attention is on Jisoo, analyzing enough factors to predict the explosive level when she "plays odd".

After the other members of BLACKPINK went solo, now all the attention is on Jisoo , there have been many discussion topics, analyzing all factors to predict the explosive level. When she “plays oddly” can she compare with the sisters.

A post on a Korean online forum gave a negative rating for Jisoo. Based on the number of individual fans of BLACKPINK on the current Melon digital music site, Jennie and Rosé prove their position as the members with the largest number of Korean fans in the group, Lisa ranked third and Jisoo was the visual. Popular with Korean people, but ranked at the bottom of the list. This inferior position of Jisoo makes the post owner doubt about the possibility of success if she goes solo with such low popularity.

The three sisters Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa all had successful solo debuts

But when it was the turn of the eldest sister, Jisoo, there were doubts, when she had the lowest number of fans on the Melon digital music site, inferior to other members.

Melon is one of the biggest and most important digital music sites in Korea. Therefore, the data on Melon will reflect a lot about the popularity of singers and songs in the land of kimchi. Jennie and Rosé both had successful hits, reaching high rankings on Korean charts. So it is not difficult to understand when these two girls lead the group in terms of the number of individual fans on Melon.

Rosé leads the group with a fan base of more than 45,000

Jennie ranked second with more than 38,000 fans

Lisa, who is a foreigner, will suffer more or less disadvantage, in addition, her song after its release is not very suitable for Korean people, her digital music record is quite poor, so she has to suffer a long distance from Rosé and Jenny.

Lisa ranked 3rd with quite a distance from the two members above when there were only more than 16,000 fans

The person ranked last is the eldest sister, Jisoo. However, contrary to the opinion of the post’s owner, most of Knet’s opinions felt that this position was nothing to worry about, and even thought that Jisoo… was too good. The reason is because the remaining members have all released individual products, so it is natural to have a large number of fans who love them on the digital music site. Jisoo hasn’t released any songs yet but already has more than 14,000 fans, waiting like that is too much.

Jisoo is at the bottom with more than 14,000 fans, but for someone who doesn’t have any personal products, that number is too great.

– The number of fans will increase after they release their solo song. I think Jisoo is the best, she has 14,000 fans without any solo songs.

-What the hell, Jisoo hasn’t made a solo debut yet. This post is ridiculous. Of course, she still has a lot of fans.

– Of course, Jennie and Rosé have a large fan base. But Jisoo didn’t go solo…

– Yesterday Jisoo was still in 3rd place. But now she is in last place with 0 songs. So YG should let Jisoo promote as an idol soon!

– Jisoo is the least popular, how can Jisoo debut solo? What nonsense are you thinking.

– What is Jisoo’s channel? I didn’t even know it was made. I thought I had to go solo to have my own channel. I have to go join her channel right now.

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