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10 years of pursuing Lisa’s passion: From YG’s first foreign idol to the most sought-after “international star” in Kpop

The main dancer of BLACKPINK Lisa has had a thorny journey to the success she is now.

Lisa has become a name that is no stranger to Kpop fans. Originally a foreign idol, the main dancer of BLACKPINK has had to go through many difficulties, from language barriers to having to practice hard to be recognized. However, with her talent and passion, she has now become one of Kpop’s most sought-after idols with a large global fan base

Expressing artistic talent from a young age
Lisa’s full name is Lalisa Manoban, she was born and raised in Thailand. From a young age, Lisa showed her artistic talent, so when she was 4 years old, her mother sent her to dance classes. Lisa’s passion for stage and music also started there.

From a young age, Lisa showed her artistic talent

With her foundation from a young age, Lisa began to participate in many big and small competitions in Thailand, she is also a veteran member of the dance group We Zaa Cool – where Lisa developed outstanding dance skills and become “YG’s dance machine” as it is now.

Lisa is a veteran member of the dance group We Zaa Cool

Her intense passion for the stage and her dream of becoming a professional artist prompted Lisa to participate in the Thai trainee selection held by YG Entertainment in 2010. Overcoming 4000 contestants, she She excellently became the only one selected by the “big man”, stepping one foot into the door to conquer the passion of becoming a Kpop idol.

Lisa participated in the trainee selection in Thailand organized by YG Entertainment

Overcoming all difficulties to become the perfect “piece” of BLACKPINK
In 2011, when she was only 14 years old, Lisa flew to Seoul, Korea alone to start her journey to stardom. She is also the first foreign trainee at YG Entertainment. Therefore, differences in geography, culture, or language… were the initial difficulties that Lisa had to face.

She is also the first foreign trainee at YG Entertainment

The first time as a trainee was probably very memorable for Lisa when she only knew how to say hello in Korean, she had to adapt and learn quickly to be able to fit in with everyone. The “Thai doll” also shared that the company is very strict to improve her Korean: “In the company, no one is allowed to speak English with me”.

Lisa had difficulty with language in the early days of being a trainee

After 1 year of hard training, Lisa is the next potential member introduced by YG to the public in a new group project (after Jennie). She made a strong impression on fans when showing off her skillful choreography in the video ” Who’s That Girl? which YG posted in 2012.


Who’s That Girl?

In 2013, Lisa was one of the lucky trainees to appear in the MV Ringa Linga of seniors from the same family as Taeyang. Although it is only a backup dancer behind the male idol, this is also a way for YG to introduce their chickens to the public.

She was one of the trainees who appeared in Taeyang’s Ringa Linga MV

After 5 years as a trainee full of difficulties and obstacles with a dense schedule of choreography and vocal training, Lisa’s efforts have finally paid off. In August 2016, YG officially launched the new girl group BLACKPINK consisting of 4 members: Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé, in which Lisa is the first foreign female idol under this “big man”, taking the position of the “big man”. rapper and main dancer.

Lisa is the first foreign female idol under the “big man” YG



The thought that Lisa could start the path to becoming a professional K-pop artist smoothly, however, she was repeatedly despised for being a foreign idol. An ugly part of netizens often attacks Lisa’s Thai roots, saying that she is not like other Kpop idols, only beautiful with Korean makeup. Even the female idol was threatened with death by extremists.

The constant being unreasonably stoned and racist insults made fans worried about her, the keyword ” RespectLisa” immediately trended globally to protect her. female idol before the wave of attacks.

Lisa has been scorned many times for being a foreign idol

Not only Lisa, BLACKPINK in the early days of their debut was also entangled in many controversies. The 4 girls are considered by netizens to be just “copies of 2NE1”, and the weak ability to sing live is also what makes the group criticized by many people.

As soon as they debuted, BLACKPINK created a big buzz in the Kpop market at that time

However, after nearly 5 years of debut, fans cannot deny the outstanding talent and efforts of the 4 YG chickens. BLACKPINK’s products have recorded countless formidable records. Unique music style, charismatic performance and attractive beauty have helped BLACKPINK become the leading girl group in Kpop, welcomed by millions of domestic and international audiences.

BLACKPINK has brought about remarkable success, becoming a global girl group

Overcoming many difficulties, Lisa also perfected herself and became a perfect piece of BLACKPINK with skillful choreography and undeniable charm. It is no exaggeration to say that the 4 girls are the trump cards of the “big man” YG.

Lisa also perfected herself and became a perfect piece of BLACKPINK

Shining into the most sought-after “international little sister” in Kpop
The success of BLACKPINK also partly helps the names of the 4 girls to be loved and known by more and more fans. Currently, Lisa is one of the most sought-after names in Kpop. She owns a large fan base when her Instagram account has 59.2 million followers, becoming the first Kpop artist to have such a huge number of followers.

She has a large fan base when her Instagram account has 59.2 million followers

With her growing charm, solo products or appearances of the main dancer of BLACKPINK have made the audience stand still. The Thai female idol has launched the LILI’s FILM project with a series of videos showing off her top-notch choreography.



Lisa’s charismatic charisma and undisputed dancing ability have attracted the attention of many fans around the world. Some of Lisa’s solo dance videos also topped the top trending of many countries after being released a few hours ago, and the female idol’s fancams are also gaining respectable views.

Lisa’s charismatic aura has attracted the attention of many fans around the world

With her reputation and inherent talent, Lisa continuously became a coach in the program ” Youth Spring With You” season 2 and season 3. Our “Lap teacher” is also very cool when most of the members are in the program. Her team all debuted in the main lineup.

Lisa continuously became a coach in the show “Youth With You” season 2 and season 3

Most recently, on September 10, Lisa officially made her solo debut with the single album LALISA and the MV of the same name. Not only impressing with the meticulously and carefully invested footage, her solo song also recorded great records that made fans proud.




Accordingly, after 24 hours of release, the MV LALISA recorded 70.3 million views on YouTube, helping her temporarily break the record of “king snake” Taylor Swift to become a solo female artist with views. maximum in the first 24 hours. In addition, Lisa’s MV has reached the top 1 trending in the world, reached the top trending list of 89 countries, and the title song ” LALISA” also topped iTunes in 65 countries after 1 day of release.

The title song “LALISA” also topped iTunes in 65 countries after 1 day of release

Not stopping there, Lisa’s album also set a new record when it “sold out” more than 330 thousand copies on Hanteo in the first day, thereby helping the female idol become the first Kpop solo artist to achieve this achievement. surpassing fellow member Rosé with the previous record of more than 282,000 copies.

So, after only 1 day of her solo debut, Lisa has recorded remarkable records on the international music platform, but in Korean charts, the song of the youngest BLACKPINK girl has not really stood out. Fans hope that Lisa’s single album this time will continue to record breakthrough achievements in the future.

After only 1 day of her solo debut, Lisa has set remarkable records on the international music platform

From a foreign trainee who just stepped into the “big man” YG to fulfill her dream, Lisa has now become an international star that is welcomed and supported by many people. Lisa’s 10-year journey of conquering her passion has finally paid off. The talent of “YG’s dance machine” will definitely go further in the future, fans will always support and energize her on every stage of development.

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