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Lisa is more than BLACKPINK in terms of album sales in the first week, about to surpass the record of Kpop “album king”

The number of LALISA albums sold is so impressive, Lisa keeps breaking the record forever!

Lisa really had a very successful solo debut with a series of remarkable achievements. In addition to the record of MV views, the single album ” LALISA” also continuously increased sales and reached impressive milestones.

On September 16, Lisa’s LALISA album sales on Hanteo – Korea’s leading album sales statistics system – exceeded 730 thousand copies. This number helps Lisa become the female solo artist with the best-selling album in the first week even though LALISA is not yet 1 week old.

The album LALISA has officially become the best-selling female solo album in Kpop on Hanteo in the first week

Moreover, Lisa even surpassed BLACKPINK, Rosé, IZ * ONE, TWICE… to become the best-selling female artist in the first week on Hanteo. BLACKPINK’s The Album already has an impressive track record when reaching 689,066 copies and nearly twice as far ahead of IZ * ONE. However, LALISA was still easily passed when it was less than a week.

Top selling albums by female artists (both group and solo) in the first week in Hanteo

Lisa has surpassed BLACKPINK’s album The Album by herself to win an impressive throne

Rosé’s -R- is being far behind by LALISA

In the all-male and female solo segment, LALISA is currently only behind Baekhyun’s Bambi album (868,840 copies). It seems that EXO’s “album king” has already met an equal opponent.

Top selling album by solo artist in first week in Hanteo

“Album king” Baekhyun is in danger of being “dethroned” to Lisa

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