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Having trouble to be as professional as Rosé (BLACKPINK): Straightly throwing the “anti-master” accessory, fell but handled it coolly

Rosé encountered many problems during the performance, but she not only did not flinch but also handled it very smoothly.

No matter how carefully BLACKPINK practices, it is still difficult for them to avoid sudden incidents that arise on stage. But with bravery and experience, girls often respond smoothly. In it, Rosé was repeatedly praised for her skillful handling of situations. When having technical or costume problems, the main vocal of BLACKPINK always stays calm, even helping teammates even though he is “in danger”.

Rosé not only handles problems professionally but also wholeheartedly with her teammates

The ring got caught in the dress but threw it straight away
Idols wear a series of shimmering accessories every time they go on stage, but sometimes they push them into a situation where they can’t cry or laugh and Rosé can’t escape this scene. At the 2018 Seoul Music Awards , the female idol’s ring got stuck on her skirt while she performed the song ” As If It’s Your Last” .

Rosé’s ring caught on her skirt while dancing

The choreography was hindered but Rosé wasn’t flustered. When given the opportunity, she took off the ring and threw it away. After that, main vocal BLACKPINK continued to perform as if nothing had happened.

Rosé decisively took off her ring and threw it away

Fancam Rosé performing As If It’s Your Last (Seoul Music Awards 2018)

Jump to the last minute even though your shirt is tattered
One of Rosé’s most memorable costume incidents occurred at the 2018 Melon Music Awards . That day, she wore a thin silver 2-string shirt, so it couldn’t stand the “heat”, ripped at the back when the female idol performed the song ” DDU-DU DDU-DU” . More unfortunate, Rosé’s audio transmitter also slipped out, hanging behind her.

Rosé’s shirt is open, the sound generator is floating behind

However, Rosé calmly sang and danced to the last minute. Although she knew that she faced the risk of “disclosure” because of the “anti-owner” shirt, her professional attitude helped her to be praised.



DDU-DU DDU-DU – BLACKPINK (Melon Music Awards 2018)

Throw the entangled necklace right when performing
Rosé had an accessory problem again, and this time the problem occurred at the 2018 Inkigayo music show. The BLACKPINK member’s necklace unfastened while she performed the song DDU-DU DDU-DU , however. That’s not why the female idol let the show interrupt. As soon as the bracelet broke, Rosé quickly snatched it from her neck and threw it on the ground without even a second glance.

Rosé snatched the necklace and threw it away in an instant, it took a lot of discernment to notice



No matter how beautiful the earrings are, they are… kicked
It’s still the accessory problem, and this time Rosé has shown a definitive way to handle it. One of the main vocal’s earrings fell off while performing Forever Young , but she couldn’t bend down to pick it up because she was doing choreography.

Rosé noticed her earring was dropped, but she couldn’t pick it up because it was in the middle of the performance

Rosé also cannot ignore the earring because she and her teammates are likely to stumble upon it while dancing. So the female idol had to constantly keep an eye on this accessory and definitely… kicked the earring away when the opportunity came.

Rosé kicked off her earring so no one would step on it

Discreetly signaled for staff to adjust audio equipment
When having sound problems, many times Rosé signaled to the staff behind the scenes to adjust the headphones for her. But it is worth mentioning that the female idol did it quickly and was discreet, without “super soi” it is not easy to recognize.

A typical example is when the BLACKPINK member looks at the staff, pointing at the headset to text that she needs to adjust the sound in the performance of Don’t Know What To Do ( Coachella 2019 ). After being satisfied, Rosé nodded quickly and continued to perform, it was difficult for fans to see the fancam.


Rosé pointed to the headset, signaling the staff to adjust the volume

Don’t Know What To Do – BLACKPINK – Coachella 2019 day 1

This continued to happen when BLACKPINK attended a brand’s event held in Bangkok (Thailand) 2019. Just doing the closing move of the song ” DDU-DU DDU-DU” , Rosé immediately looked towards chicken wings, point at the microphone to signal to increase the volume in the following performances.

Rosé pointed to the microphone, signaling the staff to turn up the volume

Another time, Rosé gestured to adjust her microphone and quickly returned to the performance. This shows that she not only has quick reflexes but also handles the situation very decisively.

At a glance, who knows where Rosé made the sound control signal?

Help BLACKPINK clear obstacles
Rosé not only handled the incident neatly, but she also observantly helped the BLACKPINK members when they had problems on stage. During a performance of the song BOOMBAYAH , the “Australian rose” discovered that the floor had obstacles, the group might stumble if not paying attention.

Rosé detects an obstacle in front of her

In a few short seconds before changing the choreography, Rosé quickly pushed the item away from where they stood. Thanks to the acumen of main vocal BLACKPINK, the members have escaped the risk of having problems while performing.

Just waiting for the time to change moves, Rosé quickly grabbed the item and threw it away

Almost fell but still protect Jennie
Rosé also “scored” when putting the safety of her teammates first in “heartbreaking” situations. On the stage of DDU-DU DDU-DU at Music Core show , she bumped into Jennie. Although she was staggered, the female idol still quickly helped her groupmate so that the two would not lose their balance.

Rosé stumbled and almost fell but still caught Jennie


Fancam Rosé performing DDU-DU DDU-DU (Music Core)

Slippery but extremely fast handling
Not only does Rosé skillfully handle problems in group performances, solo activities can’t make it difficult for her either. On the stage to promote the song ” On The Ground” at Music Core , she slipped and fell while performing the choreography on one knee on the floor.

Rosé fell to the ground but quickly got up

Mistakes, but Rosé immediately stood up, continued performing so as not to miss a beat. This shows the professionalism and calm attitude of the female singer when “alone alone” on stage.


Fancam Rosé performing On The Ground (Music Core)

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