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Close-up of Lisa practicing pole dancing, showing off the “holy body”

It is true that "a genius of choreography", Lisa learned to pole dance as fast as lightning, but this close-up is really a fan of "one or two please die".

Lisa continued to upload the next video on her channel Lilifilm , revealing the behind-the-scenes of training and filming the MV LALISA . In many behind-the-scenes scenes, viewers focused their attention on the scene where Lisa practiced pole dancing. This is also the first time Lisa has challenged this daring dance genre.


The segment where Lisa practiced pole dancing for a scene in the MV LALISA

In the video, Lisa wears a tight outfit, showing off all the perfect lines on her body. Netizens couldn’t help but praise the body of the youngest BLACKPINK:

– Oh my god, the body is so good, look at Lisa’s smooth pole dancing.

– Having skin with flesh makes the body look much better.

– The body looks amazing, the pole dancing is so smooth.

– I have to dance and adjust my face and sing at the same time, it’s amazing.

– Hope she will continue this subject as she said!

– Too lazy, the body is perfect!

Lisa’s masterpiece body revealed through the pole dance practice scene

And soon, when she was on set, Lisa showed her lightning-fast learning ability. Right in the first set of filming, Lisa did extremely well and was almost perfect to be included in the MV. The dancers commented, “Lisa succeeded in doing these moves right away. So I was shocked and her movements are really beautiful” .

Before entering the filming, they have to bow to the “pole dance group”.

But in the set, it fell like this!

The dancers were amazed at Lisa’s ability and speed of learning

Achievement in MV 10 quality points!




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