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Lisa’s explosive debut stage in Korea: Wearing a stormy outfit for a while, confident performance, and a memorable ending smile!

Lisa had an explosive debut stage in Korea but unfortunately could not hold the trophy directly at Inkigayo.

On the afternoon of September 19, Lisa (BLACKPINK) had her first performance at the Korean music stage for the song ” LALISA” , specifically the show ” Inkigayo” . On the first stage, Lisa wore a patterned red outfit that once caused a fever when she just set a debut date.


Lisa’s LALISA debut stage at Inkigayo (September 19, 2021)

Lisa had a simple but cool opening. The charisma and performance skills are the forte of the youngest member of BLACKPINK, and she promoted it well at the LALISA stage today. Even without the sisters by her side, Lisa still completed the song well and mastered her own stage with the support of the familiar dancers.

Lisa’s very charismatic opening

Lisa’s confident, temperamental performance

Lisa’s performance stage at Inkigayo was heavily invested in lighting effects. BLACKPINK’s signature pink color is used as the main theme, combined with bold Thai motifs on the stage, reinforcing the spirit of the song.

BLACKPINK’s signature pink color on stage

The whole sky of Thailand opened up at the end of the stage

The performance later became more and more explosive with confetti and special effects

“Fairy ending” Lisa is extremely lovely today, scoring absolutely in the hearts of fans with a bright smile that doesn’t need to be watered.

“Fairy Ending” is memorable with a bright smile

Lisa had a lovely ending, scoring absolutely

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