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BLACKPINK fans “stoned” Billboard for confusing Lisa with a Japanese artist, what’s wrong with that?

Lisa also has "Lisa this" and "Lisa that", Billboard...

After a week of “fighting”, Lisa’s song LALISA (BLACKPINK) debuted at a rather modest position on the Billboard Hot 100: #84, but this is still a remarkable achievement in the K-pop realm alone. In return, LALISA helped Lisa debut at #2 on the Billboard Global 200 chart (the chart counts international achievements, not only in the US), and this achievement was recognized by Billboard in a comprehensive analysis. fit.However, Billboard made a pretty serious mistake in the article, making Lisa fans in particular and BLACKPINK in general angry.

Billboard article: The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber’s Stay stay at the top of the Global chart – Lisa, Ed Sheeran and Glass Animals break into the top 10

Specifically, Billboard wrote about Lisa as follows: “Lisa appeared at #2 in the Global 200 chart with LALISA. This is Lisa’s second song to enter the top 10 of this chart and also her highest position. Previously, the song “Homura” held the #8 position in October 2020…”.

Reading this far, BLACKPINK fans are “excited” because YG’s Lisa doesn’t have a song called Homura? At the time of October 2020, the group was busy promoting THE ALBUM with Lovesick Girls, Pretty Savage, etc. , what kind of song is there with such a strange name Homura ?

BLACKPINK fans are of course not satisfied with the serious error of information from Billboard. They also investigated: It turns out that Homura is also an artist with the stage name Lisa but is LiSA (the “i” is lowercase, the rest is capitalized). She is a famous Japanese singer/songwriter born in 1987 with rock, pop/punk music. The song ” Homura” was a big hit by LiSA and reached #8 on the Global 200 chart as Billboard’s “misleading” information.


Homura – LiSA

Currently, the above false information has been edited by the Billboard editorial board, but the “traces” still appear on Google, which cannot be denied.

Currently, Billboard’s misleading article about Lisa has been edited, but a Google search still shows the original information.

After being criticized by BLACKPINK fans, Billboard quickly corrected the information to: “Lisa appeared at #2 in the Global 200 chart with LALISA. This is Lisa’s first song to enter this chart. member of BLACKPINK, the previous songs “Ice Cream” featuring Selena Gomez and Lovesick Girls hold #8 and #2 on this chart, respectively…”

The version has been updated by Billboard

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